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Computer Science

Computer Science Co-op is optional for students. This program is housed within the Engineering and Computer Science Co-op Program.

Office & contacts

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Office: ECS 204

Co-op coordinator (student # ending in 0-4)     
Sheryl Thompson (ECS 216)

Co-op coordinator (student # ending in 5-9)     
Mostafa Rahimpour (ECS 212)

Career educator
Karae White (ECS 210) 

Twitter: @UVicEngCareers

Full Co-op and Career staff directory

Program formats

Co-op is available to students majoring in computer science and students with combined majors in computer science. The program is optional and interested students must apply. 

Formats available:

  • regular full-time co-op work terms
  • entrepreneurial co-op
  • parallel co-op (part-time)

Program facts:

What is required?

Co-op requirements:

  • completed CSC 110, MATH 100 (or MATH 109)
  • at least 4.5 units on your last academic term
  • a minimum grade of C+ in any computer science courses and a minimum grade of C in any mathematics or statistics courses taken in your last academic term
  • no F, E or N in courses taken on your last academic term

Work experience program requirements: 

  • completed or enrolled in at least 3.0 credits of 300- or 400-level CSC or SENG courses

Transfer students must complete at least one academic term at UVic.

How to apply

There are two admission periods per year:

  • September 1 to 22 (fall intake)
  • January 1 to 22 (spring intake)

Apply for the regular Co-op Program or work experience program by logging into the co-op portal.

  • use your UVic NetLink ID and password
  • once logged in, select “Co-op” on the navigation menu 
  • follow the prompts to complete your application

Note: You will be unable to apply using the above method if:

  • you've previously been or are currently in another co-op program at UVic
  • you're NOT in the Faculty of Engineering
  • you're trying to apply outside of the admission periods

If you are unable to apply through the portal, please contact us.

If admitted to the program, you'll need to sign a copy of the Terms & Conditions form at the start of your program.

Graduate students

As a graduate student, you can take part in the optional co-op or work experience program.

Program facts

  • master's students: complete 2 work terms (8 months of work) to receive a co-op designation, or 1 work term to receive a "work experience" endorsement on your degree
  • doctoral students: complete 3 work terms (12 months of work) to receive a co-op designation, or 1 work term to receive a "work experience" endorsement on your degree
  • work terms do not have to be continuous—you can work for different employers on different work terms

Application requirements

  • you must have your grad supervisor's permission to participate in the co-op program and each specific work term
  • you must complete your first co-op work term before the academic term in which you complete your academic requirements (defend your thesis or equivalent)
  • you must complete regular work term requirements (including Introduction to Professional Practice, competency assessments and a work term report)

How to apply

To apply, complete and submit the graduate co-op application form.

Due dates each term

  • January 22 for spring intake
  • September 21 for fall intake

International students should apply at least 2 semesters before the intended work term to ensure that there is enough time to receive a co-op work permit. For example:

  • summer work term: submit your intake form and attend the Introduction to Professional Practice workshop in the fall of the previous year
  • fall work term: submit your intake form and attend the spring intake workshop in the same year


Co-op students pay a co-op tuition fee for each work term. It's free to join co-op and attend the preparation course—you'll pay your tuition fee after you secure a co-op work term.

You'll pay your fees according to the same tuition fee deadlines as regular course fees.

Fees per work term for undergraduate students:

  • domestic students: $746.06
  • international students: $1,363.54

Fees per work term for graduate students:

  • domestic students: $746.06
  • international students: $938.38

Note that the graduate co-op tuition fee is different than the graduate installment fee. If you are a grad student and register for a co-op work term, during that term, you'll pay:

  • the grad co-op program fee  
  • the grad ancillary fees

If you register for a course (e.g. thesis 596 or 598) and a co-op work term in the same term, during that term, you'll pay:

  • the grad co-op program tuition fee
  • the course tuition fee
  • the grad ancillary fees

Questions about co-op tuition fees? Email us or call 250-721-7032 for assistance.

Average salaries

You'll receive a salary from your employer during each co-op work term. Co-op salaries vary according to many factors, including:

  • your previous work experience
  • the industry you're working in 
  • the responsibilities of your co-op job

Here is an average monthly salary for a full-time computer science work term:

  • undergraduate: $3,228
  • graduate: $4,272

View salary estimates for all programs.

Work terms

Co-op work terms occur in the fall, spring or summer terms and are typically 4 months long, but can also be 8 or 12 months long.

  • undergraduate co-op: 4 work terms
  • undergraduate work experience: 2 work terms

The work experience program (WEP) provides all the same benefits and support as the co-op program, but you'll complete 2 work terms instead of 4. The program is a great option for students who are in the late stages of their degree.

If you are already part of the computer science co-op program and you would like access to search for co-op jobs, please complete our co-op jobs access form.

Learn more about:

Sample jobs

  • software developer
  • security analyst
  • systems administrator
  • systems auditor
  • data administration
  • technical writer   
  • operations manager
  • web technician
  • strategic analyst
  • researcher
  • networks architect or engineer
  • intelligence developer
  • systems designer
  • web developer
  • programmer

Get support

If you identify as having a disability or a mental health condition, or if you belong to an equity group, we can support your co-op experience.

We'll help you with every step, from applying to co-op to making sure you're supported at work. 

Co-op Student of the Year

Are you an excellent ambassador for the Engineering and Computer Science Co-op and Career Program and the Faculty of Engineering? If you’ve contributed to your co-op employer, UVic, ENGR Co-op and Career and the community, you could be the next co-op student of the year.

Winners receive:

  • $500
  • a framed certificate
  • recognition on the co-op website

As a winning student, you may get to represent UVic provincially for the Association for Co-operative Education in BC/Yukon award and nationally for the Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) award.

The runner-up receives $250.

This award is by nomination only by your co-op coordinator.

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