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Co-op preparation course

As a co-op student, you must complete a workplace preparation course, sometimes called Introduction to Professional Practice (IPP), before you start your first co-op work term.

You'll take this course in addition to your regular course load. This course will provide you with the information and tools to start planning and building a professional career, starting with successful co-op work terms.

Led by co-op coordinators, this course is offered a bit differently in each co-op program. All students complete a:

  • résumé
  • cover letter
  • mock interview, either at a mock interview clinic or a related exercise

Other coursework varies by program, although mandatory co-op programs normally require more assignments. 

After you've completed the IPP course, your co-op office will make you eligible to search and apply for co-op jobs in the co-op portal.


 As part of your prep course, you'll learn how to use VMock, an artificial intelligence that provides résumé feedback. 

Learning outcomes

When you complete the IPP, you'll:

  • understand the co-op learning model, how to search for co-op jobs and how to successfully complete your co-op work terms
  • understand competencies and why they're valuable
  • produce a targeted résumé and cover letter to apply for a mock interview
  • attend a mock interview and receive meaningful feedback
  • find and use our work search and career preparation resources
  • consider co-op in the broader context of professional career development and management

Course outline

Course content varies depending on the co-op program, but common topics include:

  • the co-op process
  • expectations and reflective practice
  • using the Co-op and Career portal
  • how to assess, express and develop your competencies
  • deconstructing job postings
  • writing professional résumés and cover letters
  • how to ace your interviews
  • building your professional network
  • work term success
  • understanding experiential education