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How to participate

UVic students have brought their skills to over 100,000 co-op work terms since our program launched in 1976.

It’s never been easier to hire a co-op student and access the talent you need.

Looking for a researcher? A project manager? A technology or finance expert? What about a skilled student to support staff during a busy time? 

With more than 100 academic programs to draw from and students at all levels of study, we’ll connect you with the right fit (see a sample of what students can contribute).

Posting a job is free and we’ll help you every step of the way.    

Why hire

  • Bring fresh perspective & new ideas onto your team
  • Supplement existing full-time staff to fill gaps on your team when making a new permanent hire isn’t possible/practical
  • Focus on a specific, set-term project or event
  • Connect with new, skilled talent – think of co-op as a recruitment tool!
  • Get help & support from the UVic co-op team throughout the process
  • Focus on a specific, set-term project or event
  • Were you a co-op student at UVic or elsewhere? You can pay it forward! 


As a co-op employer, you’ll train, supervise and mentor students throughout the co-op experience. You’ll give online feedback on their learning at the start, middle and end of the term. You’ll also take part in a meeting with the student and their co-op coordinator.

By becoming a co-op employer, you agree to:

  • comply with all provincial and federal legislation regarding freedom of information, human rights and employment
  • provide accurate job posting information, including job description, salary and location
  • respect UVic's schedule of job postings, interview arrangements and job offers and follow our Co-operative Education policies and procedures
  • provide reasonable notice to candidates to be interviewed and of interview cancellations
  • respect the confidentiality of the placement process with candidates before, during and after an interview
  • avoid asking about a candidate's assessment of another candidate
  • make offers in accordance with UVic Co-op Program procedures
  • avoid multiple job offers unless prepared to hire multiple candidates
  • honour offers of employment, including salary
  • confirm all job offers in writing
  • ensure that the student has registered the work term with the university
  • not translate a co-op assignment into a full-time position before a student has completed their studies, thereby encouraging the student to postpone academic commitments

Providing a salary

Co-op terms are paid, so you’ll provide students’ salaries. Pay rates depend on students’ experience and industry standards. You may be able to access funding to help. 

Last year’s average monthly undergraduate salary was $3,076 but this varies by sector and employer.

If you’re a BC-based employer, you’ll also pay 4 per cent vacation during the work term.

Posting jobs

You can post your job description directly in our co-op portal. Or, send it to your co-op office and we’ll post it for you. 

Personalized assistance

Is it your first time posting a job? Not sure where to start?

Connect with your co-op program or email us and we’ll help you with next steps.