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Get instant résumé feedback using AI

What is VMock?

Want instant feedback on your résumé? Upload it to VMock, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that will help you make the right improvements. 

Many employers use web-based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to review and process applications. By using VMock, you'll learn how to create a résumé that will make it past this review process. 

How to use VMock

  1. Use this ATS-friendly résumé template (Word)to create a résumé that follows ATS formatting. Make sure to spot spelling and grammar mistakes in Word.
  2. Make sure your résumé is no more than two pages and follow our résumé guidelines about what content to include.
  3. Create a new VMock account (or sign into your account). Use your UVic Netlink ID and password and answer a few questions about your program area (this will help VMock provide the most accurate feedback).
  4. Upload your résumé to VMock (paste text without formatting).
  5. You'll receive an overall score for your résumé based on how you've met the requirements for your program area, plus tips on how to improve your score (under system feedback). Feedback will be organized into three areas: impact, presentation and competencies.
  6. Use the feedback to strengthen your résumé, but use your judgement too. Don't worry - it's not possible to reach a 100% score. 

VMock's Help menu is a great tool if you have any questions.

Things to look for

VMock does a great job offering feedback. Here are areas where you should use your judgement on VMock's suggestions:

  1. Quantifying your experience: VMock will often recommend that you add quantities to your statements. In some cases this can lead to a better résumé (for example, "I increased sales by 10%"), but in other cases (for example, "I worked for 8 hours"), it doesn't improve anything and can distract the reader. You won't always be able to quantify a statement and that's okay.
  2. Content should cover 3/4 page: From a design principle this is good advice, but if your résumé is 1.5 pages long, you may see an error that it should be longer. It's great to use the space if it makes sense, but don't force it if you don't have more to say.
  3. Spelling suggestions: Sometimes VMock won't recognize a proper name or company. You can click on the word and add it to your personal dictionary to remove the error message. 

If you have specific questions, please contact your career educator for one-on-one support.