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Entrepreneurial co-op

Interested in developing your own business as a co-op work term? An entrepreneurial co-op could be the perfect fit.

How the program works

You can choose to complete one of the following for a four-month period (starting in September, January or May):

  • work for clients on a self-employed or contract basis, 
  • develop a product of your own design or provide a service, or
  • develop a business venture.


Before your work term

1. Get in touch with your co-op coordinator to get your idea approved. 

2. Complete the LEAN Canvas form, which includes agreeing to meet program expectations. You will need to sign in to Microsoft using your Netlink ID and password to access the form.

Once you've submitted the form, you'll be contacted by a co-op coordinator. They may suggest that you make some adjustments to your application. You can do this by signing into MS Forms with your UVic netlink ID and password, selecting "Forms" and then "Filled forms". You'll be able to select, edit and resubmit your LEAN Canvas submission with any necessary changes. 

4. Apply for funding before or during your work term using the SF-ELF Wage Subsidy Application for a chance at a $5,000 grant. You must be signed into UVic with your netlink ID and password in order to access the form.

Depending on your program area and concept, your program may approve your idea and you'll be formally registered in a work term. Or, you may need approval from the Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre (CCSIC) before acceptance and registration of your work term. 

During your work term

  • when you start your work term, complete the learning objectives form in the Competency Assessment Module in the co-op portal
  • complete the requirements specified by your faculty (contact your coordinator for details)
  • mid-way through your work term, submit your mid-term competency assessment form in the co-op portal
  • participate in a work site visit with your co-op coordinator

After your work term

  • submit your final competency assessment form
  • complete a regular work term report and any other requirements specified by your faculty
  • ensure your mentor submits a final competency assessment form

How to apply

Entrepreneurial co-op is available in all programs. Meet with your co-op coordinator if you're interested in developing an idea into an entrepreneurial work term.

Get support

The Coast Capital Savings Innovation Centre (CCSIC) provides tools, expertise and a dedicated space on campus for entrepreneurs to develop business concepts from idea to incubator-ready. It's the place to start for anyone considering an entrepreneurial work term. Support is available to students in any program.