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Work term transfer

If you've already completed a co-op work term at an accredited post-secondary institution, you may be able apply for transfer credit for 1 work term.

You must apply in writing during your initial academic term of the 3rd year core of the BCom program. The work term that you wish to receive transfer credit for must have been:

  • paid employment
  • evaluated (you must have submitted a final written report)
  • supervised by a co-op practitioner
  • 4 months (or 420 hours minimum) of full-time work
  • relevant to your academic program

How to apply

  1. Complete the work term transfer credit application form by November 1.
  2. Email the BCom advising team and ask them to send the Business Co-op office a copy of your transcript from the transferring institution to include with your application.

Transferrable programs


  • Program: Hospitality Management Diploma; Business Administration
  • Course: Co-operative Work Experience
  • Codes: HMGT 101, 201; BUS 101, 201
  • Grade: S


  • Program: Accounting
  • Course: Co-operative Work Placement I
  • Code: Coop 2301
  • Grade: S & letter grade

Vancouver Island University     

  • Program: Hospitality
  • Course: Co-operative Industry Education Placement
  • Code: HOST 102, 202
  • Grade: CR

Other institutions and programs may also qualify. If you'd like to transfer a work term from an institution, or program, that is not listed here, please check with the Business Co-op Office.

Non-transferrable programs

Algonquin College, Ottawa        

  • Program: Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Diploma

Douglas College

  • Program: Hospitality Management Diploma

George Brown 

  • Program: Hotel Management                


  • Course: Professional Internship (Code: PINT 200)


  • Program: Hospitality Management Diploma