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Four UVic people in costume smile at the 2022 plasma car race.

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United Way campaign

UVic has been a strong supporter of United Way Southern Vancouver Island (UWSVI) since 1994. Our UVic workplace campaigns have raised more than $5.5 million.

United Way is a nationwide network of local agencies whose primary mission is to raise funds to aid community-based agencies dealing with mental health and addictions, supporting families in need and isolated seniors.

In 2022-23, United Way supported 54,000 individuals on Southern Vancouver Island. That means a United Way initiative or funded program helped almost 1 in 6 people in our region, empowering individuals, connecting with them in meaningful, pragmatic and critical ways, and helping build better lives.

UVic 2023-24 campaign

The 2023-24 UVic United Way campaign has now come to a close. Thanks to your generous support, we raised more than $200,000 in support of United Way Southern Vancouver Island. Check out our Events page for this year's event highlights and info.
Although this year’s campaign is now complete, the needs of our community remain. We hope your contributions to United Way Southern Vancouver Island will continue, helping people from all walks of life be all they can be. Stay tuned for the launch of our 2024-25 campaign.

Donate to the United Way

Show your support for United Way at a level that’s meaningful to you. Donations don’t need to be much—even small amounts add up over time. A payroll donation (twice a month) of $5 can provide:

  • 4 isolated seniors with a companion visit by a community volunteer to socialize and receive supports like trips to medical appointments or delivery of food hampers
  • 7 homeless adults with a hot, nutritious meal and a sense of community
  • 6 youth with supplies to prepare and maintain a section of a community garden for youth food security

To learn more about the impact of your donation, please visit UWGV’s Impact Calculator.

You can join the payroll donation program or make a one-time donation. Both types of donations can be made through the United Way e-pledge system

A UVic employee wearing a red United Way hoodie holds a jar containing raffle tickets.

Make a payroll donation!

As a UVic employee, you can make regular donations through our payroll program. This is a bi-weekly donation that comes out of your paycheque automatically. Payroll donations help provide United Way with stability, and form the backbone of their funding.

Already a payroll donor?

If you donated by payroll deduction last year, your donation will continue. You will receive an email thanking you for your contribution and confirming that your deductions will continue. The email will also provide information about how to change or cancel your payroll deduction.

Make a one-time donation

Giving a one-time donation is a great way to give back to those in need. UVic employees, students and retirees can make one-time donations via credit card any time.

Areas of action

Mental health & addictions

Many people struggle with mental health challenges and addictions. United Way Southern Vancouver Island works with social service organizations on community-based initiatives focused on mental health and addiction education, awareness, prevention, and early intervention. 

United Way supports programs such as the Umbrella Society for Addictions and Mental Health.


Rising inflation, combined with increased food and gas prices are making it even more difficult for families in our region to make ends meet.

  • 15% of Victoria families with children live in poverty
  • 50,000 individuals are food insecure in the Capital Regional District

Support the Little Phoenix Daycare and help strengthen local neighbourhood resources to help families succeed.


Many seniors in our region experience extreme loneliness and isolation, malnutrition or food insecurity, mobility issues and limited income that greatly impact their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Thanks to United Way’s More than Meals program, seniors are getting healthy meals delivered to their homes. Not only that – they are getting critically important social visits and connections with the outside world.


United Way campaign kicks off

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Need help?

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the UVic United Way campaign assistant.

Check out UVic's 2023-24 Campaign Report: