Funding and Scholarships

The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA)

About the award

Awards of $1,500 each are available for undergraduate students to undertake research under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty member and present their research at the annual JCURA Student Fair. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to submit their academic poster for online publication in the JCURA poster collection and/or an article for consideration in the Arbutus Review.

There are two categories: JCURA and JCURA for Indigenous Students and Faculty.

Number of awards for anthropology undergraduates: 2-3

JCURA is celebrated in March each year.

Eligibility requirements
  • Anthropology major entering 3rd or 4th year the year you apply
  • Full time student (registered in 12 or more units in the winter session of the JCURA)
  • Sessional GPA of at least 7.0
  • Satisfy the general regulations of Student Awards and Financial Aid
  • You must be working on a research project under the direct supervision of an Anthropology faculty member

Additional information can be found on the LTSI web site, or by contacting the Anthropology undergraduate adviser 

  • July 15th - Anthropology students submit their JCURA application to the their project's supervisor (faculty in the Anthropology department). 
  • July 20th - supervisor submits the JCURA application to the Anthropology department ( 
  • July 31st - Anthropology department submits our JCURA nominations to LTSI.
  • August 31st - notification of final decisions will by be sent by LTSI to students, supervisors and academic unit heads
Selection criteria

Our selection criteria will include merit and feasibility of the proposed project, quality of student responses to application questions, letter of support from faculty member with whom the project will be undertaken, academic achievement and the importance of this funding to the successful completion of the project. Award holders must meet all eligibility requirements as set by the university.

Anthropology 2021-2022 JCURA winner

Congratulations to this year's winners. All winners’ discussions of their research can be found here.

For more information about JCURA and criteria please see here.

Barkley Sound Field School Award


Faculty of Social Sciences Field Course Student Support Fund

  • The administration of this fund is undergoing revision. Updates will be forthcoming. 


Strategic Framework Experiential Learning Fund


For other funding opportunities from ASBC, BCAPA, etc. see the field school blog here:


For information on other scholarships and awards offered at UVic please look at the Student Awards & Financial Aid site.

The Grand Post of the Native Sons of BC - Bruce McKelvie Scholarship

A scholarship is awarded to a third year Anthropology student with the highest standing in a course relating to Anthropology in B.C. The student must be a Canadian citizen and must return to the University of Victoria in the next regular session.

Awards are normally in the $500-$700 range depending on the amount available each year. Students cannot apply for this award but are nominated by the Undergraduate Committee.  Award winners are announced in the fall.

The Pett Scholarship in Archaeology

A scholarship is awarded to a student who is a Canadian citizen and who has successfully completed at least one course in Archaeology at the University of Victoria, in order to assist the recipient to do field or laboratory work in British Columbia archaeology. The selection is made by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the senior instructor in Archaeology in the Department of Anthropology.

Awards are normally in the $500-$700 range depending on the amount available each year. Students cannot apply for this award but are nominated by the Undergraduate Committee.  Award winners are announced in the fall.


For information on other scholarships and awards offered at UVic please look at the Student Awards & Financial Aid site.

New 2018:  Betty Jamie Chung Scholarship in Anthropology

The terms of reference for the Betty Jamie Chung Scholarship in Anthropology can be viewed on our website here and are pasted below:  One or more scholarships will be awarded to academically outstanding undergraduate students in the Department of Anthropology.  Preference will be given to students demonstrating financial need.

Thank you to Alumni Betty Jamie Chung and her family.

UVic Libraries Student Scholarships

The University of Victoria Libraries is proud to be an essential and integral part of the research life cycle at UVic. To this end, we are doubly proud to offer two student scholarships which recognize and honor the contributions and achievements of our graduate and undergraduate students.

Named in honor of donor David Flaherty and bequest donor William Petrie, The David Flaherty Undergraduate Student Library Scholarship and The William Petrie Graduate Student Library Scholarship will annually award one academically outstanding student in any discipline who demonstrates how they have successfully utilized library resources ─ including any print, archival, music, multimedia, or digital resources for a class project, assignment or research paper.

To enter, eligible students must submit a 500 word essay explaining their use of library resources.  As with other university scholarships, the window for submissions opens April 1 and concludes May 31st.  Successful students will be awarded $500 for each scholarship.

In addition to the monetary award, the annual recipients will be recognized through a plaque in the library, and their winning essay will be featured on the Grants and Awards page of the Libraries’ website, with a link to their paper or project in our institutional repository.

For more detailed information about the scholarships’ criteria and application process, email or visit the Grants and Awards page through the University Librarian’s Office on the UVic Libraries website.

Killam Fellowships Program

This award is structurally similar to the Fulbright program as it allows Canadian undergraduate students to spend one semester in the United States.  

Candidates can apply to the:

Direct Exchange Program 

Apply via UVic.

NOTE deadlines vary from December to January at each of the partner institutions participating in the direct exchange.  Consult the Instructions for Canadian undergraduate applicants for exact dates.

Open Competition Program  

Applicants can submit their applications through their home institution or can submit their application directly to Fulbright Canada on or before February 1st.


  • Candidates must be Canadian citizens,
  • Be full-time undergraduate students in good standing at a degree granting institution in Canada,
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements as indicated in the application package.

Inquiries: Michelle Emond, Program Officer (Students),

BC Association of Professional Archaeologists - BCAPA

BCAPA supports the new Dr. Leonard Charles Ham Student Bursary Information.

More opportunities

Stories from Abroad: $1000 British Columbia Study Abroad Scholarship 

Irving K. Barber BC Scholarships Society: One World International Scholarship

Premier's International Scholarship

SIAF-UVic Department of Student Recruitment and Global Engagement: Student International Activities Fund