Undergraduate FAQ

Does Anthropology require any specific high school courses?


I want to be an Anthropology student. Do I apply directly to Anthropology to enter UVic?

No, you would apply to the university and indicate you want to take classes in the Social Sciences Faculty (the Faculty to which Anthropology belongs).

Are there any job opportunities for students in Anthropology at UVic?

Yes, although the number of possible jobs can vary from year to year.

We often have work/study opportunities, which are usually posted in the early part of September. For more information see the UVic Work Study Office. You will have to qualify to be eligible for work/study positions. Contact Student Awards and Financial Aid for information on how to qualify.

In adddition to these opportunities, faculty members may also have research grants which might employ students. For these, you would need to contact the individual faculty members.

Are there any volunteer opportunities for Anthropology students?

Yes, definitely. There are often volunteer possibilities in the archaeology labs. And if you are interested in the research of a particular faculty member, ask if they need a volunteer.

I'm going to take Anthropology 100 in the fall term. Is it possible to take any of the 200 level courses in the January term?

Yes you can, but you will have to get permission from the department to do this. Contact for asssitance with your registration.

I'm transferring from a college or other university. Why have my classes not transferred as I expected?

Transferring classes involves two aspects. One is the number of units you are awarded. Usually there is little problem with this, although the number of units awarded for a class can vary between institutions.

For example, if you have taken a class with 3 hours of lecture per week worth 3 units/credits at your previous institution, you will discover that will transfer as 1.5 units at UVic. However, in most cases, no matter what the numbers are, if you took 4 classes elsewhere you will get 4 classes worth of credit applied to your degree here.

What can cause problems is how the course topics are transferred. Specific transfer credit can only be given if we have an equivalent course. To give one example, perhaps you took a class in the archaeology of Alberta at the 3rd year level.

We don’t offer a class with that topic at UVic, but recognize it as an anthropology class, so you would get Anth300 level credit. However, this course would clearly fulfill one of our requirements that you take 2 upper level archaeology classes. To get this acknowledged you would need to talk to one of the department undergraduates advisors for assistance. The advisor will send a note to Advising to that effect.

If you feel that a class has not transferred correctly, come and talk to us.

I am having trouble registering for classes. Who do I contact?

Becky Wigen is the best person to contact for registration problems.

Her office is in Cornett B219 and you can email or call 250-721-7053.