Occasional papers

Many of our occasional papers are available on PDF. Otherwise contact us for a paper copy.

Title Authors or editors Date of publication
Justice for the Rohingya: The Role of Canada An international virtual roundtable of experts Catherine Morris et al. 2020
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Canada Phil Calvert 2019
Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Workshop Report Jeremy Webber 2013
Chinese Uncertainties and Canadian Responses: After the Global Financial Crunch Richard King and Derek Fraser 2010
The Illusion of Secularism: Mani Ratnam's Bombay and the Consolidation of Hindu Hegemony Angie Mallhi 2006
Treaty, Tribes and Governance in New Zealand I.H. Kawharu 2003
Fisherman Without a Boat: Observations on the Contemporary Clans' System in Fiji R. Christopher Morgan 2003
Canadian Labour, The Cold War and Asia, 1945-1955 John Price 2003
Recent Amendments to the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law in the People's Republic of China: Any Hope for those Facing the Death Penalty Meaghan Sunderland 2001
In the Shadows: Women, Power and Politics in Cambodia Kate Frieson 2001
North Korea: Is Aid the Answer? Erich and Marilyn Weingartner 2000
Asia Crisis Conference December 10-11, 1998 - Proceedings and Related Materials Drew Duncan and Bill Neilson 1999
UVic Conference on South Asia Popular Culture, April 22-24, 1999 - Abstracts of Papers Presented. Heather MacDonald 1999
Sustainable Industrialization: A New Strategic Trend in Asian Developing Economies Do Duc Dinh 1999
The 1997 Indonesian Elections: 'Festival of Democracy' or costly 'Fiction'? Jim Schiller 1999
The Big Fish Eat the Little Fish: A Critical Analysis of the Cambodian-Vietnamese Border Dispute of 1978-1979 Keith Nye 1998
UVic Conference on Asian Popular Culture, April 16-18, 1998 - Abstracts of Papers Presented Tim Craig 1998
Some Theoretical Reflections on Jazz in Postwar Japan Joe Moore 1998
Anomalies in the Sino-Canadian Trade Data, with Particular Reference to the Hong Kong Re-Export Trade Ralph W. Heunemann 1997
CAPI Conference on Japanese Popular Culture, April 10-12, 1997 - Abstracts of Papers Presented. Tim Craig 1997
Industrial Reform and Air Transport Development in China Anming Zhang 1997
Accessing the Japanese Mental Dictionary Through the Japanese Writing System Joseph F. Kess and Tadao Miyamoto 1997
Institution Building, Capacity Development and the Promotion of Human Rights in Southeast Asia Kathryn Neilson 1996
The Killed All the Lawyers: Rebuilding the Judicial System in Cambodia Kathryn Neilson 1996
An Analysis of Import Protection as Export Promotion Anmin Zhang 1996
A Survey of Food Consumption in Thailand  Marilyn Walker 1996
Competition for Power and the Challenges of Reform in Post-Deng China Susan L. Shirk 1996
Feminist Perspectives on Development: Why Leprosy is a Feminist Issue Margot Wilson-Moore 1996
Customized Software: Strategies for Acquiring and Sustaining Competitive Advantage: A Japanese Perspective William V. Rapp 1996
Constitutional Reform in Vietnam: Renovation but no Revolution Joanna Harrington 1996
The Malay Rulers' Loss of Immunity Mark R. Gillen 1996
Japan's New internationalism and the Legacy of Nitobe Inazo Sixty Years Later John F. Howes 1993
The 1991 Constitution of Thailand Ted L. McDorman 1993
The Issue of China's Participation in the Multilateral Trading System Li Zhongzhou 1993
Managing China's Balance of Payments Wu Nianlu and Mao Xiaowei 1993
Legal Responses to Ethnicity in South and Southeast Asia Yash Ghai 1993