CAPI Associate Director Helen Lansdowne giving a lecture

As part of CAPI's mandate to foster and deeped UVic's connection to the Asia-Pacific region, we are proud to be involved in two international education programs that bring students and professionals from China to UVic.

The China Youth Leadership Program at CAPI provides an international experience to undergraduate students from China. Partnering with eight universities in China, we have created a week-long program that provides students with an experiential learning experience through a balance of on-campus academic lectures and off-campus field trips covering global leadership; local history, arts and culture; gender, sexuality and identity; and environmental and Canadian studies.

In the fall, we will be launching the Early Career Leaders in China program. Each year, this intensive development program for early career professionals working in the public and private secotrs in China and Hong Kong will have a special focus on the core themese of governance, engagement and innovation through case studies. The 2015 program will explore "Furthering Sustainability: the Environment & Clean Energy".