About the Centre

In 1988, the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives became the first Senate approved research centre at the University of Victoria. Recognizing the importance of the Asia-Pacific region to Canada, the concept of a centre focusing on Asia-Pacific issues was given financial support by the Dorothy and David Lam Foundation, the Federal Secretary of State and the Provincial Government of British Columbia. Since its inception, CAPI has acted as a vital link between the University of Victoria and the Asia–Pacific region, providing programming and research initiatives that have brought together scholars from the Asia-Pacific region with those from UVic. Over three decades later, the Asia-Pacific region not only continues to of importance to Canada, but has grown in its significance. | more history

Through the continued excellence of its research and programming, CAPI will be recognized as the pre-eminent Asia-Pacific focused academic centre in North America. The Centre will engage with institutions, civil society and leading scholars at the University of Victoria and across the world to broker and facilitate meaningful relationships that will make a difference.

By providing a supportive environment for scholarly excellence and community engagement, CAPI will deepen the connection between the University of Victoria and the Asia-Pacific region. Through the work of CAPI's Chairs and programming, CAPI will be a catalyst for the creation, recognition and dissemination of knowledge concerning issues affecting the region.

Our four primary goals are:

  • To create and maintain connections between the UVic community and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • To create and provide research programs and learning opportunities of such quality as to ensure CAPI's leadership among Asia-Pacific research centres in North America.
  • To recruit, retain and support talented faculty, students and staff at the Centre, supporting them to achieve their highest potential.
  • To access external funding to increase our programming and thus to increase the benefit to the University and the wider community.

CAPI 2018-19 Annual Report

As CAPI enters its fourth decade, it does so with energy and enthusiasm, but also mindful of its history and with the maturity that comes in one’s forties. We move forward in the company of friends, supporters, researchers, and partners from across UVic and around the world, from the shores of the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the upper reaches of the Himalayas . . .

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