Research programs

Regulating Globalization in South and Southeast Asia

photo of Bhutan

CAPI is facilitating a global community of young leaders to conduct interdisciplinary research on innovative governance and justice strategies to mitigate the harsher effects of economic globalization in South and Southeast Asia.

Migration & mobility

cover image of refugees for mobility and migration research program

CAPI hosts a dedicated migration and mobility program, which brings together experts in the field from all over the world to share expertise and knowledge of migration and mobility issues related to Asia.


picture of Chinese housing crowded along the water

Our China research activities centre around the work of our China Research Chair who is examining the inner-workings of the Communist Party and China's "unsustainable prosperity."

Landscapes of Injustice

banner image for Landscapes of Injustice project

A seven year, multi-partner research project housed at CAPI exploring the forced dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.