Leslie Butt and Jessica Ball
Drs. Leslie Butt and Jessica Ball work on a research project on undocumented migrants in Indonesia at the Centre.

For the past two decades, CAPI has built a strong reputation as one of the major Asia-Pacific focused research centres in Canada. Its position on the West Coast, in close proximity to the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Washington, has provided tremendous opportunities for collaboration and research sharing. CAPI continues to build on its strengths to expand its area of expertise.

Research chairs

CAPI's research mandate is invigorated and strengthened through our three permanent Research Chair positions.  With a focus on ChinaJapan and Asia-Pacific Legal Relations, our CAPI Research Chairs oversee programming and initiatives for the Centre in their areas of expertise.  Recognized as leaders in their respective fields, CAPI and our broader community benefit greatly from the networks, cutting edge research and the vision of our Chairs. 

Research projects

CAPI is involved in a number of long-term research projects, led by our research chairs and visiting scholar. In the last few years, CAPI's research is also taking a thematic approach and we are excited to announce the beginning of a new migration research project. This project will aim to bring together experts in the field from all over the world to share expertise and knowledge of migration related to Asia. If you would like to be involved or hear more about the project please email .

We are also pleased to provide a home for the Landscapes of Injustice, an exciting seven-year, multi-partner research project exploring the forced dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War.

Look through our research publications to find out about our past research projects.

Research publications

From books and proceedings resulting from conferences and workshops, to our Occasional Paper series, many of our research publications are available for purchase or are free to download online.