Migration and mobility program


The world is facing unprecedented levels of mobility and migration, and this increasing flow of workers from rural to urban areas and across country borders has deep and profound impacts on development. Once treated as separate issues, the intersections between migration and development are being increasingly recognized on the global stage.  

CAPI hosts a dedicated migration and mobility program, which brings together experts in the field from all over the world to share expertise and knowledge of migration and mobility issues related to Asia. As a nexus for scholarly work on the topic, CAPI publishes Migration, Mobility, & Displacement an online, peer-reviewed, open-access journal.

Migration, Mobility & Displacement journal


Stateless children, parents & undocumented migration: An Indonesian case study

photo of Women holding their records of birth and immunization at a local maternal and child health centre in Lombok, Indonesia.

A field research project conducted by CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt and colleagues examining issues related to out-migration in four separate rural communities in East Lombok, Indonesia.

Southeast Asian women, migration and family in the global era

mall signs advertising services to connect with family back home

This project, led by CAPI Visiting Scholar Leslie Butt explored the impact of migration on the family lives of skilled migrant women from Indonesia who work abroad in Canada, Australia and Singapore.


Migration and Late Capitalism conference

June 2015
University of Victoria

Migration Master Class

27-29 May, 2014
University of Victoria