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daniela damian

Daniela Damian appointed new ECS-CAPI Chair

Daniela Damian appointed new ECS-CAPI Chair
midori ogasawara

New Visiting Researcher

CAPI welcomes Midori Ogasawara (UVic Sociology) who is joining us this academic year as a Visiting Researcher - East Asia/Japan


2023 CAPI interns

CAPI currently has 10 students on 4-6 month internships in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The  interns have been in their placements since May, and sharing their experiences in their blog postsPictured: Jake and Sierra in Indonesia where they are both interning at the Centre for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS). Click for 2024 internship information.

2023 CAPI interns

Field School in Thailand

In May this year, a group of 10 selected students participated in a field school in Northern Thailand. Our students are pictured here during a visit to BNSCLC, a school providing high school education, practical vocational skills, and community development skills to youth living along the Thai-Myanmar border. Click here for information about the 2024 field school.

Field School in Thailand

Over 30 years of bridging the Pacific

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI) is located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. CAPI is a research centre focused on research, education and community engagement in the Asia-Pacific. We facilitate international conferences, events, and research projects for faculty and area experts as well as experiential learning opportunities for students. Since its inception in 1988, CAPI acts as a vital link between UVic and the Asia–Pacific region, providing opportunities and initiatives that bring scholars and others together.  Read more


CAPI at UVic


Congratulations to CAPI 2015 Crossing Borders incoming intern Taiwo Afolabi for winning a UVic Emerging Alumni Award

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Recent major works


India After World History: Literature, Comparison, and Approaches to Globalization (2022). Edited by CAPI Senior Research Fellow Neilesh Bose

book cover - Smart Cities in Asia

Smart Cities in Asia: Regulations, Problems, and Development (2022). Edited by CAPI Post-Doc Scholar Thanh Phan and Senior Research Fellow Daniela Damian [open access]

Landscapes of Injustice book cover

Landscapes of Injustice: A New Perspective on the Internment and Dispossession of Japanese Canadians (2020), the culminating volume of the Landscapes of Injustice Project, edited by Project Director and CAPI Senior Fellow Jordan Stanger-Ross