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Learning to ‘see’ today’s caste

18 April 2019 with Ramesh Bairy (Indian Institute of Technology)

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One Hundred Years of China’s Awakening

2 May 2019 | The Current Relevance of May Fourth in Multiple Perspectives

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The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Canada

A new CAPI report by CAPI Senior Research Fellow Phil Calvert

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Gender Dynamics, Feminist Activism & Social Transformation in China

A new edited volume (Routledge, 2019) by CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wu (UVic Political Science and History), CAPI Associate Director Helen Lansdowne, and Yuan Feng (Shantou University, China), which comprises papers from a CAPI symposium held at the University of Victoria, April 7-8, 2017.

This book explores the extent to which women have been initiators, mobilizers, and driving forces of social transformation in China. The book considers how conceptions of women’s roles have changed as China has moved from state socialism to engagement with capitalist globalization, examines the growth of women’s gender and sexual consciousness and social movements for women’s rights, including for marginalized social and sex/gender grouops, and discusses women’s roles in society-state interactions, including many forms of social activism, cultural events, educational innovations, and more. Overall, the book demonstrates that women have not simply been passive receivers of the consequences of the forces of global capitalism, but that they have had a profound, active impact on social transformation in China.

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30 years of bridging the Pacific

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives is located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Our team conducts research on policy issues and builds relationships with universities and civil society organizations in the region. We hold international conferences and events and act as a resource facility for the university and the wider community on this important and diverse part of the world. Read more.

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A video montage of some of our student interns and partners across the Asia-Pacific and Africa in celebration of our 30th anniversary (thanks to Eli Meadow Ramraj for the editing).
Dennis Gupa is a PhD student with UVic's Applied Theatre Department. Here he reports on his work in his native Philippines, which has been partially supported through a CAPI Student Research Fellowship.

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