Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

Issues in Comparative Eldercare Policy: What the Covid-19 Pandemic Revealed

A virtual panel | 27 January 2022

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Punjab in the World: History, Politics, and Migration Lecture Series

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CAPI welcomes our new Jarislowsky Japan Chair Takahiro Endo / 遠藤 貴宏 / エンドウ タカヒロ

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Covid-19 in Asia: Law and Policy Contexts

A new volume edited by CAPI Director Victor V. Ramraj

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Over 30 years of bridging the Pacific

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives is located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Our team conducts research on policy issues and builds relationships with universities and civil society organizations in the region. We hold international conferences and events and act as a resource facility for the university and the wider community on this important and diverse part of the world. Read more

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The Politics of Population in East Asia - A virtual roundtable convened by CAPI visiting fellow Sujin Lee, Assistant Professor of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria.
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CAPI in the news

  • CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wu on the "monkey trap" of Western capitalist greed in China, ahead of the US Democracy Summit | Voice of America (Chinese)
  • “He is imposing his viewpoints to become the framework within which party elites make their consensus” - CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wu on Xi Jinping's drive to cement his ideology and position at the CCP's 6th plenum | Bloomberg Business
  • "Xi Jinping's crackdown is intended to bring the wealth and economic ties of various elite families, as well as ties with the US, under the complete control of the party state" - CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wuon the conclusion of the CCP's 6th Plenary |

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