Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives

CAPI's 2022 international student interns take flight

CAPI interns spend 4-7 months working with our civil society partners in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan

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Political Science prof joins CAPI as Visiting China Researcher

Dr. Feng Xu is a long-time CAPI contributor who specializes in comparative politics and the Global South (China)

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Past Wrongs, Future Choices

a new international project exploring the internment, dispossession + displacement of people of Japanese descent in allied countries of the Americas + Pacific during the mid-20th century 

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CAPI Director Victor V. Ramraj joins federal Indo-Pacific Advisory Committee

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2022 CAPI Student Fellowship Awards

for research on digital technologies in China and manta ray protection in the Maldives

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Smart Cities in Asia: Regulations, Problems, and Development

A new edited volume by CAPI post-doc scholar Thanh Phan and senior research fellow Daniela Damian

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Over 30 years of bridging the Pacific

The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives is located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Our team conducts research on policy issues and builds relationships with universities and civil society organizations in the region. We hold international conferences and events and act as a resource facility for the university and the wider community on this important and diverse part of the world. Read more

Keep up with CAPI's 2022 student interns

From June to December, ten UVic students are undertaking 4-6 month work placements with our partner organizations across Asia.

Featured video

The Politics of Population in East Asia - A virtual roundtable convened by CAPI visiting fellow Sujin Lee, Assistant Professor of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria.
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CAPI in the news

  • CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wu comments on the US-China rivalry for global hegemony, following a foreign-policy speech by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken | Radio France Internationale - Chinese

  • CAPI China Chair Guoguang Wu comments on a variety of Chinese current affairs, including the country's zero covid policy, Sino-Russian cooperation against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, and Xi Jinping's quest for a third term in the fall | Radio France Internationale - Chinese

  • “China’s zero-Covid policy will increasingly leave it — and Hong Kong, to the extent that it follows — isolated” - CAPI Director/Law Chair Victor V. Ramraj on mainland China as the exception to loosening covid restrictions in Asia | The New York Times


Recent major works


India After World History: Literature, Comparison, and Approaches to Globalization (2022). Edited by CAPI Senior Research Fellow Neilesh Bose

book cover - Smart Cities in Asia

Smart Cities in Asia: Regulations, Problems, and Development (2022). Edited by CAPI Post-Doc Scholar Thanh Phan and Senior Research Fellow Daniela Damian [open access]

Landscapes of Injustice book cover

Landscapes of Injustice: A New Perspective on the Internment and Dispossession of Japanese Canadians (2020), the culminating volume of the Landscapes of Injustice Project, edited by Project Director and CAPI Senior Fellow Jordan Stanger-Ross