CAPI Student Essay Prize


CAPI offers an annual $500 Student Essay Prize for the best paper written on the Asia-Pacific region each year.

Application deadline: 1 May of every year - 4pm Pacific Time

Contact: 250-721-7020 or  for more information

Eligibility and Guidelines

The paper must be an original, self-authored work, completed for a UVic course during the current academic year. One paper per person may be submitted.

Papers should be no longer than 50 typed, double-spaced pages, including footnotes. Papers with professor's grading comments will not be accepted; please provide a clean copy.


Prizes are awarded solely at the discretion of the Selection Committee, whose decisions are final. The Selection Committee evaluates the papers on originality, presentation of argument, appropriate referencing and overall scholarly excellence.

Winning papers may be published by the Centre in its Asia-Pacific Occasional Papers Series and/or posted on CAPI's website. The Centre reserves the right to publish the papers and prize-winners agree to release copyright to the Centre. Previously published papers are not eligible.

Notice of award will be given by May 31 each year.

Application procedures

Please download the application form, save it to your computer, fill it out and send it as an email attachment together with your essay. 

Papers and completed application forms must be submitted to  before the application deadline. 

Past winners

Paper title Author Year
From Socialist Market Economy to Neoliberalism? Modes of Governance in China Today Xue Ma, PhD student, UVic Anthropology 2022
The Belt and Road is Hao: Understanding the Belt and Road Initiative as an example of Nation Branding

Mackenzie Cumberland

Filling the Gap: The Social Worker in Schools (SWiS) Program from a Student Perspective Carly Aasen 2017
Persons or Things? Fetal Liminality in Japan's History Victoria Philibert 2016
Migration, Innovation and Exploitation in the Chinese Knowledge Economy: ‘Immaterial Labour’ and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Paul Castrodale 2015
An Alternative State-Centric Explanation of Chinese Citizens' Preference of the Xinfang System Hanning Wang 2014
Claiming Poor Rights: Narratives of Shelter, Space, and Freedom in India and Canada James Billingsley 2013
Urban Aliens: The Alienation of Migrant Workers in China and the Complicit Chinese State Brittney O'Neill 2012
"Primitive" Re-accumulation of Capital in China: Reverse Investment from Overseas Chinese in Thailand in the Capitalist World System Ruji Auethavornpipat 2011
Asian Values and the Spirit of Capitalism: Pragmatism and Ideology in Southeast Asian Law Reform Daniel Oleksiuk 2010
Neoliberal Nomads: Sustainable Development and Enclosure on the Tibetan Plateau  Michael Pickering 2009
The Commodification Process: From Chinese Babies to US Children Morgan Slavkin 2008
"Coolies," Containment, and Resistance  Meileisa Ono-George 2007
The BA Construction in Mandarin Chinese: A Syntactic-Semantic Analysis Tian Jun 2006
The Illusion of Secularism: Mani Ratnam's Bombay and the Consolidation of Hindu Hegemony Arbinder (Angie) Mallhi 2005
Seek and Ye Shall Find: The Journeys of Matteo Ricci and Max Weber Through the Religions of China Anne Nguyen 2004
Starving Consumers: Culture, Gender, and Consumerism in the Aetiology of Anorexia in Japan Annamarie Ruelle 2003
Constituting a Fiction: A Relativist on Universalism Tracee Auld 2002
Recent Amendments to the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in the People's Republic of China: Any Hope for those Facing the Death Penalty Meaghan Sunderland 2001
'Cannibalism as National Allegory' in Chinese Society Laura Hutchison 2000
Mistaken Identity: The Identity of the Sino-Vietnamese Refugees in Canada Doug Nowak 1999
Indonesian Politics and the Middle Class Noelle Hammersley 1998
Women, Nationalism, the New Order and Popular Music in Indonesia Jennifer MacGregor-Greer 1997
The Big Fish Eat the Little Fish Keith Nye 1996
Nonlitigiousness in Japan: Myth and Reality Drew Duncan 1995
Roles of Japanese Women through the imagery of Ukiyo-E Sarina Corsi 1994
De-industrialization in India: The Debate over Data and Evidence Emma Alexander 1993