Student essays

To encourage excellence in student research on the Asia-Pacific region, the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives offers a student essay prize for the best paper written on the Asia-Pacific region each year. Congratulations UVic students on your excellent work!

Title Author Date
Filling the Gap: The Social Worker in Schools (SWiS) Program from a Student Perspective Carly Aasen 2017
Persons or Things? Fetal Liminality in Japan's History Victoria Philibert 2016
Migration, Innovation and Exploitation in the Chinese Knowledge Economy: ‘Immaterial Labour’ and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Paul Castrodale 2015
An Alternative State-Centric Explanation of Chinese Citizens' Preference of the Xinfang System Hanning Wang 2014
Claiming Poor Rights: Narratives of Shelter, Space, and Freedom in India and Canada James Billingsley 2013
Urban Aliens: The Alienation of Migrant Workers in China and the Complicit Chinese State Brittney O'Neill 2012
"Primitive" Re-accumulation of Capital in China: Reverse Investment from Overseas Chinese in Thailand in the Capitalist World System Ruji Auethavornpipat 2011
Asian Values and the Spirit of Capitalism: Pragmatism and Ideology in Southeast Asian Law Reform Daniel Oleksiuk 2010
Neoliberal Nomads: Sustainable Development and Enclosure on the Tibetan Plateau  Michael Pickering 2009
The Commodification Process: From Chinese Babies to US Children Morgan Slavkin 2008
"Coolies," Containment, and Resistance  Meileisa Ono-George 2007
The BA Construction in Mandarin Chinese: A Syntactic-Semantic Analysis Tian Jun 2006
The Illusion of Secularism: Mani Ratnam's Bombay and the Consolidation of Hindu Hegemony Arbinder (Angie) Mallhi 2005
Seek and Ye Shall Find: The Journeys of Matteo Ricci and Max Weber Through the Religions of China Anne Nguyen 2004
Starving Consumers: Culture, Gender, and Consumerism in the Aetiology of Anorexia in Japan Annamarie Ruelle 2003
Constituting a Fiction: A Relativist on Universalism Tracee Auld 2002
Recent Amendments to the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in the People's Republic of China: Any Hope for those Facing the Death Penalty Meaghan Sunderland 2001
'Cannibalism as National Allegory' in Chinese Society Laura Hutchison 2000
Mistaken Identity: The Identity of the Sino-Vietnamese Refugees in Canada Doug Nowak 1999
Indonesian Politics and the Middle Class Noelle Hammersley 1998
Women, Nationalism, the New Order and Popular Music in Indonesia Jennifer MacGregor-Greer 1997
The Big Fish Eat the Little Fish Keith Nye 1996
Nonlitigiousness in Japan: Myth and Reality Drew Duncan 1995
Roles of Japanese Women through the imagery of Ukiyo-E Sarina Corsi 1994
De-industrialization in India: The Debate over Data and Evidence Emma Alexander 1993