Training Programs for Thai Health Care Professionals

group of Thai health care practitioners at UVic
The 2017 Trauma Care program participants on the UVic campus, with Sandra Meadow of Triada Consulting, who helped to facilitate the program, and CAPI Senior Research Fellow Phil Calvert, Canada's former Ambassador to Thailand.
photo of group of Thai health care professionals outside the emergency entrance of Vancouver General Hospital
Trauma Care program participants on a visit to Vancouver General Hospital.

From 2017-2018, on contract from Thailand's Ministry of Public Health, CAPI hosted three, two-week long professional development training programs for Thai health care professionals. The first program, titled “Strategic Planning to Improve Health Care Education in the 21st Century: the Canadian Experience,” ran 31 July to 8 August, 2017, and was delivered to a group of senior Thai health care administrators. Subsequently, we hosted two cohorts of Thai health care practitioners (nurses, nurse-educators, and physicians) for trauma care training programs (19-28 September 2017 and 17-28 September 2018). The participants visited several hospitals and other institutions on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver for sessions with nursing and information science scholars as well as clinicians and administrators who lead the management and delivery of health care practice and education in British Columbia.

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