Verena Tunnicliffe (Biology and Earth and Ocean sciences), recipient of the David H. Turpin Gold Medal for Career Achievement in Research.


Maxim Pospelov, (Physics and Astronomy), recipient of the Craigdarroch Silver Medal for Excellence in Research


Jay Cullen (Earth and Ocean Sciences), recipient of the Craigdarroch Award for Excellence in Knowledge Mobilization


Bill Gaston (Writing), recipient of the Craigdarroch Award for Excellence in Artistic Expression


Mandy Crocker - The Connector Award PESA 2016


Zachary Andrus - The Cultivator Award PESA 2016


Dr. Annalee Lepp - The Collaborator Award PESA 2016


Cassbreea Dewis - The Navigator Award PESA 2016


Ahmad Hammado - The Innovator Award PESA 2016

The University of Victoria is proud to celebrate the achievements of its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

The President's Extraordinary Service Awards (PESA) celebrate outstanding contributions of university employees to the betterment of the university and its community.

UVic provides scholarships, medals and prizes, including the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA), to outstanding students.

The REACH Awards honour the extraordinary teachers and researchers who lead the way in dynamic learning and make a vital impact at UVic, in the classroom and beyond.

A variety of alumni awards celebrate distinguished alumni and their achievements.

We also support the nomination of our faculty and celebrate their achievements in internal and external competitions.