UVic's response to offensive social media post

On Saturday, Sept. 16, the university was made aware of an offensive, racist posting on social media that targeted Indigenous people. The post appeared to involve members of the campus community. We began looking into the incident that same afternoon.

We have now identified people we believe to be involved and are investigating the matter under the university’s policies on discrimination and harassment, and non-academic student misconduct. The process under these policies involves a thorough investigation.
That such behaviour has taken place within our community is deeply concerning to university leaders and members, and is contrary to our commitment to an inclusive and respectful environment that provides a positive living, learning and working space for all. Yet we know that discriminatory and racist attitudes continue to exist, and this reinforces the importance of education and the responsibility of educational institutions to promote better understanding. 
I want to reaffirm UVic’s deep commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, to Indigenous students, to better and more meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities, and to working to bring our university into better harmony with Indigenous cultures, beliefs and ways of being. 
We will not permit incidents like this to deflect our movement toward these important goals, but instead take them as proof of the need to redouble our efforts in the pursuit of reconciliation.  
We appreciated hearing from those within and outside our community who recognized that this incident was not consistent with UVic’s values and beliefs, and who brought this serious matter to our attention. 
President Jamie Cassels, QC
University of Victoria