Personal Statement Guidelines

UVic Law seeks to build a community of students who are generally representative of the diverse composition of Canadian society and who are

  • intellectually vibrant;
  • actively engaged in their studies and their communities; and
  • eager to participate in and contribute to a collegial learning environment that is collaborative and inclusive of diverse social, cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds and perspectives.

Your personal statement should be presented in two parts.

In Part A, write a personal essay of not more than 750 words, telling the Admissions Committee why you wish to join the Uvic Law community and why you believe that your life experiences, background and personal attributes are indicative of a strong match between who you are and the community of students that UVic Law seeks to build.

In Part B, using bullet point format only, list any other activities or achievements that you want the Admissions Committee to know about. You may wish to include your academic achievements, employment experiences, extra-curricular endeavours, community involvement, or other life experiences or personal attributes that you have not previously highlighted in your application.

Important Notes:

If you have participated in a graduate degree program, please include reference to your achievements in that program in either Part A or B of your personal statement.  

Your personal statement, especially Part B, in conjunction with academic performance, LSAT score and any other information that is pertinent to the criteria for specific awards, will be used to determine entrance scholarship recipients.

Please ensure your first and last name appear on your personal statement.