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Public History (MA)

Public History trains you in history research methods, and how to communicate the rich stories from the past to the widest possible audience.

This program teaches you how to share history with the public and history research methods. You’ll complete a term in a co-op work experience that prepares you to work in public history organizations such as archives, government and tourist sites.

You’ll create a project that blends this dynamic education into a work of public history. Past projects include websites, podcasts, documentary films and museum exhibits.

Expected length Project or thesis Course-based
20 months Yes No

Quick facts

Program options:
Study options:
Full-time study
Program delivery:
Dynamic learning:
Other: Mandatory work experience (co-op, internship or practicum)


Students in this program will:

  • participate in vibrant, evidence-based dialogue
  • master complex and varied literatures
  • communicate history in an accessible manner
  • gain practical public history experience

Find a supervisor

All graduate students in this program must have a faculty member who serves as their academic supervisor. When you apply:

  • you must list a potential supervisor on your application
  • this faculty member must agree to be your supervisor and recommend your admission

To find a supervisor, review the faculty contacts. When you've found a faculty member whose research complements your own, contact them by email.

Adebisi Alade

Assistant Professor African History, Environmental History, History of Health and Medicine

Andrea McKenzie

Associate Professor Early Modern Britain, Crime and Legal History, Conspiratorial Politics, Manuscript Culture

Andrew M. Wender

Associate Teaching Professor and Director, Religion, Culture and Society Program Middle Eastern History, World History, Religion and Law

Beatriz de Alba-Koch

Associate Professor Colonial and Early National Latin American history, Intellectual History, Global Cultural History

Christine O'Bonsawin

Associate Professor Sport History, Modern Indigenous Sport, History of the Olympics, Indigenous Land Rights

Cynthia Milton

Professor Modern Latin American History, Human Rights and Memory, Truth-Telling and Transitional Justice

David Dolff

Lecturer Modern European History, History of Soviet Union (Not available to supervise)

David Zimmerman

Professor Modern Canadian and European History, War and Technology, Immigration and Academic Refugees

Elizabeth Vibert

Professor African History, World History, Race and Gender, Sustainable Economies and Food Systems

Georgia Sitara

Assistant Teaching Professor Modern Canadian History, Racism and Antiracism, History of Sexuality, Identity and Social Justice

Jason Colby

Professor and Department Chair Environmental History, Pacific Coast History, Modern American History, US International Relations

Jill Walshaw

Associate Professor and Honours Adviser Early Modern European History, French History, Political Culture, Crime and Counterfeiting

John Lutz

Professor British Columbia History, Pacific Northwest History, History of Indigenous-Settler Relations

Jordan Stanger-Ross

Professor, Provost’s Engaged Scholar, 2020-2025 Modern Canadian and American History, Urban History, Immigration and Dispossession

Kristin Semmens

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator Modern European History, German History, the Holocaust, Public History, History of Tourism

Loren McClenachan

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair Environmental History, Historical Marine Ecology, Marine Conservation

Lynne Marks

Professor Modern Canadian History, Women’s and Gender History, North American Religion

Mariel Grant

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor Modern British History, Social and Cultural History, Mass Media, Propaganda, Tourism

Martin Bunton

Professor Modern Middle Eastern History, World History, Colonial Land Policies

Matthew Koch

Lecturer Early Modern European History, Colonial and Modern Latin American History (Not available to supervise)

Neilesh Bose

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair Modern South Asia History, Global History, Cultural and Intellectual History

Norm Fennema

Lecturer Canadian History, American History, North American Religion (Not available to supervise)

Oliver Schmidtke

Professor Modern European History, Germany History, Migration and Identity

Paul Bramadat

Professor Modern Canadian History, Religion, Secularism and Radicalization

Penny Bryden

Professor and Graduate Director Modern Canadian History, Political and Constitutional History, Scandal

Perry Biddiscombe

Professor Modern European History, Political, Social, and Military History

Peter Cook

Associate Professor Early Canadian History, Settler-Indigenous Relations, Immigration and Identity

Rachel Cleves

Professor American History, History of Sexuality and LGBTQ2S+ History, Food History

Sara Beam

Professor Early Modern European History, Social and Cultural History, Criminal Justice, Gender History

Serhy Yekelchyk

Professor Modern European History, History of Ukraine, History of Russia and the Soviet Union

Simon Devereaux

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor Early Modern British History, Criminal Justice, Political and Constitutional History

Tim Haskett

Assistant Professor Medieval European History, Legal and Social History, J.R.R. Tolkien’s Created Medieval History, Manuscript Studies

Tom Saunders

Associate Professor Modern European History, German History, Cinema and Society

Zhongping Chen (陳忠平)

Professor Chinese History, Environmental History, Chinese Diaspora, Urban History

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