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Economics (MA)

Research in our department addresses vital issues like poverty, climate change and fluctuating housing markets. The economics master’s program will give you a foundation in economic theory and econometrics. You’ll supplement this education by taking electives with an applied focus.

Expected length Project and/or thesis Course-based
20 months (5 academic terms) without co-op; 28 months (7 academic terms) with co-op Yes No

Quick facts

Program options:
Study options:
Full-time study
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Co-op optional


Graduates with an MA in Economics will be able to:

  • use economic concepts and theoretical models to answer policy questions
  • use econometric methods to analyze economic data
  • communicate economics concepts and research results effectively
  • complete a capstone research project that illustrates the skills acquired
  • start a career as an economic research analyst in the public or private sector
  • enter a PhD program in economics
  • teach economics at the undergraduate level

Find a supervisor

All graduate students must have a faculty member who serves as their academic supervisor.

You do not need to find a supervisor during the application process for this program. You will select a supervisor during the first year of your program.

Alok Kumar

Professor Monetary economics, macroeconomics, development economics

Chris Willmore

Associate Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Advisor Engineering economics, economics of health care, economics history, industrial organization, labour economics

Colette Salemi

Assistant Professor Development economics, environmental and natural resource economics

Daniel Rondeau

Professor Environmental and resource economics, microeconomics, experimental methods

David Scoones

Associate Professor Applied microeconomics, microeconomic policy, conflict economics

Donn Feir

Associate Professor Indigenous economics, applied microeconometrics, and economic history

Elisabeth Gugl

Associate Professor and Associate Chair Public economics, family economics, applied microeconomic theory

Emma Hutchinson

Assistant Professor Environmental economics, law and economics, applied microeconomics

Felix Pretis

Assistant Professor Econometrics, climate change, and environmental economics

G. Cornelis van Kooten

Professor and Canada Research Chair Agricultural and resource economics

Graham M. Voss

Professor Macroeconomics, international economics, monetary economics

Herbert Schuetze

Associate Professor Labour economics

Ke Xu

Assistant Professor Financial market microstructure theory and empirics, applied time series analysis, and macroeconomics

Kenneth G. Stewart

Professor Econometrics, macroeconomics

Lijun Zhang

Associate Teaching Professor Pedagogical research, research on international trade & multinational firms

Linda A. Welling

Associate Professor Economics of the family, applied microeconomic theory, industrial organization

M. Christopher Auld

Associate Professor Health economics, microeconometrics

Marco Cozzi

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, empirical microeconomics, computational economics

Martin Farnham

Associate Professor Public finance, labour economics, urban economics

Nilanjana Roy

Associate Professor Econometrics, development economics

Paola Beneras P.

Assistant Teaching Professor Applied Microeconometrics

Pascal Courty

Professor; Graduate Advisor Industrial organization, personnel economics, behavioural economics

Paul Schure

Professor Financial economics, financial intermediation theory, industrial organization

Peter W. Kennedy

Professor Microeconomic theory

Rob Gillezeau

Assistant Professor Economic history, labour economics

Stephen E. Hume

Associate Teaching Professor Economics writing

Tao Wang

Assistant Professor Econometrics, Nonparametric Statistics, Machine Learning

Vasco Gabriel

Professor and Chair Econometrics, applied macroeconomics, empirical finance

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