Bursaries and Scholarships

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As university graduates ourselves, we realize the financial pressures that come with post-secondary education. That’s why the Faculty of Fine Arts is proud to offer more scholarships and bursaries than any other UVic faculty, in addition to participating in various university-wide funding initiatives.  

Entrance scholarships and awards

Each year, UVic awards more than $3.5 million in entrance scholarships to undergraduate students who are new to the university. Scholarships are non-repayable and are awarded mainly on the basis of a student's academic excellence. There are also scholarships specifically for  international studentsIndigenous students and  students with disabilities

All entering students must meet certain academic and admission requirements to be eligible for any UVic entrance scholarships. Please check the  admission requirements for more information, and visit UVic’s Financial Aid page for  application requirements.

There are also  in-course scholarships and awards, which do not require an application (unless otherwise specified) and are awarded on the basis of academic merit or department nomination.  

Departmental and faculty awards

The Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as each of our departments, also has its own series of awards and scholarships. 

Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award 

Each year, Fine Arts is proud to support students applying for the  Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards. The JCURAs are designed to provide support for exceptional undergraduate students who might otherwise not be able to obtain a direct research experience as a part of what we anticipate should be a truly formative learning experience. 

Other sources of funding 

UVic students can also receive financial assistance through  bursaries, the  work study programstudent loans and a number of  external awards for specific affiliations or areas of study.  

Fine Arts offers co-op program options in every department, where students can alternate their university terms with paid co-op terms working in organizations relevant to their area of study. This allows students to gain valuable work experience, build competencies and make professional connections while funding their education. To learn more about co-op opportunities contact the  Humanities, Fine Arts and Professional Writing Co-op Office.

Graduate students

Funding varies by department for graduate students, so be sure to connect with the graduate advisor in your area. 


University of Victoria Fellowships are awarded annually by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. To be considered for a fellowship, students must submit their application to Graduate Studies before the fellowship deadline.  They must also have a minimum GPA average of 7.0 (UVic scale = approx. A- average, or 80%) in your last two undergraduate years and in every graduate year. 

Teaching Assistantships

Various TA positions are available in the faculty. Normally positions are offered to students in the first two years of their graduate program. Positions are funded from anywhere from 80 to 110 hours, ranging from $2000 - $2500 per term. 


Numerous  scholarships and bursaries are administered through Graduate Studies. 

Please also see the  Canada Council for the Arts to find out if you are eligible for grants.