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The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a supportive, creative academic environment where a mix of over 150 regular faculty, emeriti and sessional instructors work together with more than 30 professional staff to offer a dynamic and experiential educational experience.

The fine arts have always enhanced and transformed our lives and our world. As such, we provide the finest training and learning environment for artists, professionals, and students involved in the arts. We nurture the arts in performance, in writing, in exhibition and in scholarship.

As part of the university and wider community, our faculty provides a space for diverse contributions to cultural expressions and ensures the growth of knowledge and experiences of life-long learners. Our overarching mission is to prepare students for the cultural challenges of the 21st century.

Academic Leadership

  • The Deans office is located in FIA 116


Dr. Allana Lindgren

250-721-7755 |

The Dean holds responsibility for the academic leadership of the Faculty, strategic direction and recruitment, resource allocation, policy and governance, engaging with community, industry, and global partners, and securing resources and investment for Fine Arts. Guided by the Faculty of Fine Arts Strategic Plan, the Dean seeks to support and strengthen the Faculty’s commitments to excellence and experimentation in research and creative activity, innovative curriculum, the best student experiences, equity and diversity, and engaged partnerships.


Associate Dean

Dr. Evanthia Baboula 

250-721-7755 |

The portfolio of the Associate Dean includes three primary components: student success and support (including academic standards and integrity, academic concessions, grade changes, pro formas); oversight and coordination of curriculum and programming, including partnerships, exchange programs, and academic administration of the Fine Arts courses; and the facilitation of special projects that align with the Faculty's Strategic Plan.

Administration Portfolios


Assistant to the Dean

Letay Williams


  • Office of the Dean reception
  • Calendar management, meeting requests, and logistical support for the Dean
  • Support for Faculty of Fine Arts meetings
  • Support for Chairs and Director meetings
  • Room bookings for FIA 108 and Fine Arts Lobby
  • Administrative support for general operations of the Office of the Dean

Administrative Assistant

250-721-7755 |

  • Office of the Dean reception
  • Calendar management, meeting requests, and logistical support for the Dean and Associate Dean
  • Support for Faculty of Fine Arts meetings 
  • Room bookings for FIA 108 and Fine Arts Lobby
  • Administrative support for the Director of Administration and general operations of the Office of the Dean

Director of Administration

Kristi Blyth


  • Budget, enrolment, human resource guidance and support
  • Coordination of Chairs & Director meetings, executive searches, faculty recruitments (including start-up funds and relocation grants), and UVic Careers Faculty hiring manager
  • Computer Acquisition Fund, Academic Equipment Fund, Routine Capital
  • Orion / Adaskin Visiting Artist programs
  • Faculty capital projects and renovations
  • FOI requests, Privacy and Records Management, policy guidance

Assistant to the Associate Dean

Sarah Murphy

250-721-7755 l 

  • Supports student affairs through academic forms assistance (Request for Academic Concessions, Grade Changes, Course Changes and Directed Studies)
  • Calendar management, meeting requests, and logistical support for the Associate Dean
  • Supports Faculty of Fine Arts Curriculum Committee
  • Records management (records disposition, performance and personnel files)
  • Supports Faculty of Fine Arts Joint Local Safety Committee meetings
  • Fine Arts (FA) course registration inquires

Academic Advising


Fine Arts Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Sarah Riecken


  • Support to students
    • navigating UVic services, policies, and academic regulations
    • degree and program planning
  • Primary Fine Arts contact regarding student records, CAPP reports, and graduation reviews
  • Curriculum and Calendar planning with Associate Dean and academic units
  • Faculty representative at recruitment and orientation events

Communications and External Relations


Communications and Special Projects Officer

John Threlfall

250-721-6222 | Cell: 250-217-8549 | FIA 123 |

  • Media communications, liaison with UVic Communications + Marketing
  • Event creation and management
  • Coordinate and lead faculty tours and arrange class visits
  • Specific projects, print media & ad consultation, photo consent forms
  • Community outreach
  • Social media, UVic’s Edge (including the DU-IT process)

Development Officer

Samantha Krzywonos

250-721-6305 | FIA 241 |

  • Donor identification, stewardship, and recognition
  • Creation of annual and endowed scholarships, bursaries, and student awards
  • Secure investment for innovative equipment and programs
  • Alumni relations activities and events
  • Policy support for charitable donations, in-kind gifts and new awards
  • Planned gifts in conjunction with UVic Planned Giving

Indigenous Resurgence Coordinator


Karla Point | Hii nulth tsa kaa

 (on secondment until September 2024)

  • Provide support & advocacy to Fine Arts Indigenous students
  • Guide the Faculty’s response to the TRC's "Calls to Action" & UVic initiatives related to Decolonization
  • Integrate Indigenous resurgence initiatives within the Faculty
  • Develop faculty-wide workshops on decolonizing teaching & curriculum
  • Consult with Indigenous Elders & local communities

Research, Creative Activity, and Scholarship Coordinator


Dr. Lytton McDonnell

250-721-7945 | FIA 129 | fineartsrcascoordinator@uvic.ca

  • Identifying relevant grant funding opportunities
  • Communicating with faculty and graduate students about upcoming opportunities
  • Helping build project teams
  • Assisting with project planning and design
  • Editing and reviewing grant applications, including budgets
  • Arranging for peer review
  • Securing Dean’s signature and approval for grant applications


Media Commons Technician


Dani Proteau

250-721-7310 | FIA 238 | fineartsequip@uvic.ca

  • Technical training for media equipment use including applied techniques
  • Creative consultation and problem-solving 
  • Equipment loaning and scheduling 
  • Class workshops and technical demonstrations
  • Technical support for faculty members and sessional instructors 


Media and Technology


Senior Programmer / Analyst

David Broome

250-721-6307 |


Senior Scientific Assistant

Mike Huston

250-361-6067 |


Studio for Integrated Media /
Technical Support

Administrative and Support functions:

  • Studios for Integrated Media and Red Hats (work study)
  • Computing systems infrastructure, workstation support for University operations, computer purchasing and maintenance
  • Support of Faculty department marketing
  • Networking and computing security operations and implementations

Teaching support:

  • In-course workshops, student teaching labs, class assistance for custom teaching of technologies
  • Student computing support for installation, documentation and publishing projects
  • Camera, lighting and audio equipment training and loans
  • Wide-format printer facilities and support
  • Implementation support for technology and teaching across the Faculty

Research support for Faculty members:

  • Assistance with research technology
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