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Campus-wide Service Excellence Program

Last updated April 26, 2024

Within the context of UVic’s new strategic plan - Distinctly UVic, it's important to review services designed to support faculty, librarians, and staff from time to time to test the quality of services offered and received by clients, highlight areas we are doing well in, and actions needed to fill gaps.

A key part of this process is using the voices, experiences and ideas of faculty, librarians, and staff to shape the definition of service excellence at UVic. Over the next year, surveys will be sent to client groups to collect feedback on the quality of services currently being offered, the client service received, and how areas can be more effective as service providers.

Committee & consultations 

This initiative is co-sponsored by the Vice-President Finance and Operations and the Vice-President Academic and Provost. We are grateful to our cross-institutional working group guiding and shaping this program:

  • Tony Eder, Associate Vice-President Academic Resource Planning (chair & project co-lead)
  • Chandra Beaveridge, Director, Strategic Initiatives & Projects (project co-lead)
  • Mark Colgate*, Professor, Gustavson School of Business (project co-lead)
  • Tonye (TJ) Jumbo, Project Officer, VPFO (project management)
  • Shailoo Bedi, Executive Director, Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation
  • Melissa Donaldson, Executive Director, Facilities Management
  • Jim Dunsdon, Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs
  • Lindsay Frehlick, Associate Director, Research Partnerships
  • Tash Goudar, Manager, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lois Harder, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Janice Johnson, Executive Director, Financial Services
  • Lalita Kines, Director, Indigenous Strategic Priorities & Community Engagement
  • Eugenie Lam, Manager, Human Research Ethics
  • Ada Saab, Associate University Secretary
  • Trevor Sanderson, Director, Internal Audit
  • Charlotte Bruce, Director, Planning & Operations, VPER

*Dr. Mark Colgate, a Professor in the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, has consulted for organizations outside of UVic, including and not limited to Commonwealth Bank of Australia, TELUS, Bank of Ireland, Sony, Toyota, Whistler Blackcomb, City of Richmond, and many areas of the BC Government on service excellence and coaching. Mark has been engaged to offer experience and expertise-based insight on a campus-wide scale.


We will update this web page and communicate key milestones to campus leaders, staff and faculty as the program unfolds.

Active surveys

  • Office of Global Engagement (May 29, 2024)

Upcoming surveys

  • EQHR (Spring 2024)
  • Campus Security (Spring 2024)
  • University Systems (Spring 2024)
  • LTSI (Spring 2024)
  • Academic Advising (Spring 2024)
  • Budget Office (Spring 2024)

Surveys concluded

  • Financial Services (September 2023)
  • Facilities Management (November 2023)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (December 2023)
  • Degrees Catering (January 2024)
  • Human Resources (January 2024)
  • Office of the Vice-President Academic & Provost (February 2024)
  • Office of the University Secretary (February 2024)
  • Internal Audit (February 2024)
  • Faculty Relations and Academic Administration (March 2024)
  • Institutional Planning and Analysis (March 2024)
  • Institutional Programs (April 2024)
  • Coast Capital Innovation Centre (April 2024)
  • Printing Services and Blink Printing (April 2024)
  • Grants (April 2024)
  • Co-op and Career Services (April 2024)
  • Social Media Power Users Group (May 2024)
  • Cascade CMS Community of Practice (May 2024)
  • Community and Government Relations (May 8 2024)

More information

If you have questions, please email This address is monitored by the program support team.