Senate Committee on Admission, Re-registration and Transfer Appeals

The Senate Committee on Admission, Re-registration and Transfer Appeals considers appeals from students for admission, re-registration and transfer.

The committee meets every month; twice a month July and August.

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Annual Reports

Membership and Composition effective July 1, 2021

  Name                                Faculty or Department       Composition

Stuart MacDonald (Chair)
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Social Sciences

 8 regular faculty members, one of whom shall serve as Chair of the Committee, and one of whom shall serve as Vice-Chair
* members of Senate

Fraser Hof*
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Kimberly Speers
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Human and Social Development
Erin Kelly*
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Carmen Galang
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya*
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Engineering and Computer Science
Victoria Wyatt*
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Fine Arts
Kathy Sanford
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Jaxxen Wylie
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Student Senator  2 undergraduate student members of Senate
Alex Li
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Student Senator
Deborah Berman
(term ends June 30, 2022)
UVSS representative 1 student appointed upon nomination by the UVSS
TBD TBD the President or nominee
(ex-officio, voting)
Diana Varela
Associate Dean Academic Advising

Associate Dean, Academic Advising (Faculties of Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities)
(ex-officio, non-voting)

Shauna Underwood Indigenous Student Support Centre Director or equivalent of an Advising Centre form a faculty other than Humanities, Science and Social Sciences, or designate
(ex-officio, non-voting)
Trisha Best Director, International Centre for Students
Director or equivalent of International Centre for Students
(ex-officio, non-voting)
Ai-Lan Chia
Counselling Services Director of Counselling Services or designate
(ex-officio, non-voting)
Nicole Greengoe
Registrar Registrar
(ex-officio, non-voting)
LillAnne Jackson Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering University representative to the BC Council on Admission and Transfer, Transfer and Articulation Committee
(ex-officio, non-voting)
Sabrina Jackson Associate Registrar Secretary
Patricia Konkin Undergraduate Admissions and Records Recording Secretary