Membership of the UVic Senate

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

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Ex officio (University Act: section 35 (2) (a-f))

Name Position Term
Shelagh Rogers Chancellor to 12-31-2020
Jamie Cassels, Chair President and Vice-Chancellor  
Valerie Kuehne Vice-President Academic and Provost  
David Castle Vice-President Research  
Saul Klein Dean of Peter B. Gustavson School of Business  
Jo-Anne Clarke Dean of Continuing Studies  
Ralf St. Clair Dean of Education  
Peter Wild Acting Dean of Engineering  
Susan Lewis, Vice-Chair Dean of Fine Arts  
David Capson Dean of Graduate Studies  
Christopher Goto-Jones Dean of Humanities  
Patricia Marck Dean of Human and Social Development  
Susan Breau Dean of Law  
Robert Lipson Dean of Science  
Catherine Krull Dean of Social Sciences  
Jonathan Bengtson University Librarian  

Elected by the faculties (section 35 (2) (g))

Name Faculty Term
Dale Ganley Peter B. Gustavson School of Business to 06-30-2019
Brock Smith Peter B. Gustavson School of Business to 06-30-2021
Sandra Hundza Education to 06-30-2020
Monica Prendergast Education to 06-30-2019
Peter Driessen Engineering to 06-30-2019
Henning Struchtrup Engineering to 06-30-2020
Patrick Boyle
Fine Arts to 06-30-2021
Carolyn Butler-Palmer Fine Arts to 06-30-2019
Sara Beam Graduate Studies to 06-30-2019
Mauricio Garcia-Barrera Graduate Studies to 06-30-2020
Lynda Gagné Human and Social Development to 06-30-2019
Richard Marcy Human and Social Development to 06-30-2021
Jason Colby Humanities to 06-30-2021
Annalee Lepp Humanities to 06-30-2019
Gillian Calder Law to 06-30-2020
Mark Gillen Law to 06-30-2019
Neil Burford Science to 06-30-2020
Diana Varela Science to 06-30-2020
Helen Kurki Social Sciences to 06-30-2020
Erica Woodin Social Sciences to 06-30-2021

Elected by the faculty members (section 35 (2) (g))

Name Faculty Term
Janni Aragon Social Sciences to 06-30-2021
Doug Baer Social Sciences to 06-30-2020
Aaron Devor Social Sciences to 06-30-2020
Garry Gray Social Sciences to 06-30-2019
Helga Hallgrimsdottir Human and Social Development to 06-30-2021
Tim Haskett Humanites to 06-30-2020
Robin Hicks Science to 06-30-2021
Mark Laidlaw Science to 06-30-2020
Joseph Salem Fine Arts to 06-30-2020
Rebecca Warburton Human and Social Development to 06-30-2019
Linda Welling Social Sciences to 06-30-2020
Victoria Wyatt Fine Arts to 06-30-2019

Elected by student associations (section 35 (2) (h))

Name Term
Nathan Daisley to 06-30-2019
David Eso to 06-30-2019
Iris Fairley-Beam to 06-30-2019
Jordan Gilson to 06-30-2019
Adrienne Graham to 06-30-2019
Maan Hani to 06-30-2019
Ashlee Kirby to 06-30-2019
Cameron Leckenby to 06-30-2019
Isabella Lee to 06-30-2019
Adair Ng to 06-30-2019
Erhan (Jack) Ni to 06-30-2019
Diana Popova to 06-30-2019
Anona Wiebe to 06-30-2019
Curtis Whittla to 06-30-2019
TBD to 06-30-2019
TBD to 06-30-2019

Elected by the convocation (section 35 (2) (i))

Name Term
David Alexander to 06-30-2021
Chandra Beaveridge to 06-30-2021
Robert Hancock to 06-30-2021
Carolyn Russell to 06-30-2021

Additional members (section 35 (2) (k))

Name Position Term
Bruce Wright Head, Division of Medical Sciences  
Dean Seeman Member elected by the Professional Librarians to 06-30-2021
Alicia Ulysses Continuing Sessional Lecturer to 06-30-2020

Secretary of Senate (section 64 (2))

Name Position
Carrie Andersen University Secretary

By invitation

Name Position
Jim Dunsdon Associate Vice-President Students
Nancy Wright Associate Vice-President Academic Planning
Wendy Taylor Acting Registrar
Ada Saab Acting Associate University Secretary