Membership of the UVic Senate

January 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022

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Ex officio (University Act: section 35 (2) (a-f))

Name Position
Marion Buller Chancellor (term to 12-31-24)
Kevin Hall, Chair President and Vice-Chancellor
Susan Lewis Acting Vice-President Academic and Provost
Lisa Kalynchuk Vice-President Research and Innovation
Saul Klein Dean of Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Jo-Anne Clarke Dean of Continuing Studies
Ralf St. Clair Dean of Education
Mina Hoorfar Dean of Engineering and Computer Science
Allana Lindgren Acting Dean of Fine Arts
Robin Hicks Dean of Graduate Studies
Annalee Lepp Dean of Humanities
Helga Hallgrimsdottir, Vice-Chair Dean of Human and Social Development
Val Napoleon Acting Dean of Law
Peter Loock Dean of Science
Lois Harder Dean of Social Sciences
Jonathan Bengtson University Librarian

Elected by the faculties (section 35 (2) (g))

Name Faculty Term
Brian Leacock Peter B. Gustavson School of Business to 06-30-2022
Brock Smith Peter B. Gustavson School of Business to 06-30-2024
Sandra Hundza Education to 06-30-2023
Graham McDonough Education to 06-30-2022
Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya Engineering and Computer Science to 06-30-2022
Yang Shi Engineering and Computer Science to 06-30-2023
Adam Con Fine Arts to 06-30-2022
Joseph Salem Fine Arts to 06-30-2024
Mauricio Garcia-Barrera Graduate Studies to 06-30-2023
Martha McGinnis Graduate Studies to 06-30-2022
Devi Mucina Human and Social Development to 06-30-2024
Maureen Ryan Human and Social Development to 06-30-2022
Alexandra D'Arcy Humanities to 06-30-2022
Lynne Marks Humanities to 06-30-2024
Mark Gillen Law to 06-30-2022
Andrew Newcombe Law to 06-30-2023
Alexandre Brolo Science to 06-30-2023
Mark Laidlaw Science to 06-30-2023
Robert Hancock Social Sciences to 06-30-2024
Helen Kurki Social Sciences to 06-30-2023

Elected by the faculty members (section 35 (2) (g))

Name Faculty Term
Rustom Bhiladvala Engineering and Computer Science to 06-30-2023
Erin Campbell Fine Arts to 06-30-2023
Laura Cowen Science to 06-30-2022
Aaron Devor Social Sciences to 06-30-2023
Sean Hier  Social Sciences to 06-30-2024
Fraser Hof Science to 06-30-2023
Li-Shih Huang Humanities to 06-30-2024
Erin Kelly Humanities to 06-30-2024
Julio Navarro Science to 06-30-2023
CindyAnn Rose-Redwood Social Sciences to 06-30-2023
Graham Voss Social Sciences to 06-30-2024
Victoria Wyatt Fine Arts to 06-30-2022

Elected by student associations (section 35 (2) (h))

Name Term
Sophia Crabbe to 06-30-2022
Daniel Davenport to 06-30-2022
David Foster to 06-30-2022
Samuel Holland to 06-30-2022
Navinder Hundal to 06-30-2022
Kylie Jack to 06-30-2022
Alex Li to 06-30-2022
Kyle Risby to 06-30-2022
Tomas Kalyniuk to 06-30-2022
Nicole Kent to 06-30-2022
Christine Todd to 06-30-2022
Anona Wiebe to 06-30-2022
Aidan Witts to 06-30-2022
Jaxxen Wylie to 06-30-2022
Vacant to 06-30-2022
Vacant to 06-30-2022

Elected by the convocation (section 35 (2) (i))

Name Term
Kelly Diether to 06-30-2024
Carolyn Russell to 06-30-2024
Alivia Wang to 06-30-2024
Rebecca Wartburton to 06-30-2024

Additional members (section 35 (2) (k))

Name Position Term
Bruce Wright Head, Division of Medical Sciences  
Lara Wilson Member elected by the Professional Librarians to 06-30-2024
Matthew Koch Continuing Sessional Lecturer to 06-30-2023

Secretary of Senate (section 64 (2))

Name Position
Carrie Andersen University Secretary

By invitation

Name Position
Susan Lewis Acting Vice-Provost
Jim Dunsdon Associate Vice-President Student Affairs
Nicole Greengoe Registrar
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey Acting Associate Vice-President Academic Planning
Ada Saab Associate University Secretary