Senate Committee on Continuing Studies

The Senate Committee on Continuing Studies, on behalf of Senate, reviews and makes recommendations to the Division of Continuing Studies regarding academic policies affecting Continuing Studies programs, and reviews and recommends proposals for new programs and changes to existing Continuing Studies programs to the Senate Committee on Planning.

The committee meets monthly, September through to May.

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Annual Reports

Membership and Composition effective July 1, 2021

  Name                                Faculty or Department       Composition

Jo-Anne Clarke (Chair)
Dean, Division of Continuing Studies
Dean of Continuing Studies, Chair
(ex-officio, voting)   
Sang Nam
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business 9 faculty members representing the faculties
(at least 2 of whom shall be senators*)
James Nahachewsky
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Rustom Bhiladvala*
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Engineering and Computer Science
TBD Fine Arts
Donna Jeffery
(term ends June 30, 2023)
Human and Social Development
Li-Shih Huang*
(term ends June 30, 2024)
Mark Gillen*
(term ends June 30, 2024)
Mark Laidlaw*
(term ends June 30, 2023)
TBD Social Sciences
Tomas Kalyniuk
(term ends June 30, 2022)
Student Senator

    3 students including at least 1 student member of Senate, 1 undergraduate student representative, and 1 graduate student representative

TBD UVSS student
Jeffrey Bruton
(term ends June 30, 2022)
GSS student
TBD Student from Continuing Studies
1 student representative from the diploma or certificate program in Continuing Studies appointed by the Senate
Wendy Gedney
(term ends June 30, 2022)
1 Alumni Association representative(voting)

Kelly Diether
(term ends June 30, 2024)

1 convocation member of Senate(voting)
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey Chair, Senate Committee on Planning Chair, Senate Committee on Planning
(ex-officio, voting)
TBD TBD President or nominee
Kirsten Kopp
Office of the Dean, Division of Continuing Studies Secretary to the committee