Senate Committee on Libraries

The Senate Committee on Libraries advises the University Librarian on matters relating to the operation of the Libraries and acts as the liaison between the Libraries and academic units and programs.

Meeting dates for 2023/24:

Meeting Dates
September 27, 2023
November 22 2023
January 24, 2024
March 27, 2024

Click here for the Committee's Terms of Reference

Annual Reports

Membership and Composition effective July 1, 2023

  Name                                Faculty or Department       Composition

Adrienne Boyarin
(term ends June 30, 2026)

12 faculty members representing the faculties and divisions (at least 2 of whom shall be members of Senate*)
Martha McGinnis *
(term ends June 30, 2024)
Graduate Studies
Deborah Curran (Chair) *
(term ends June 30, 2025)
Catherine McGregor
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Tatiana Shumilina
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Continuing Studies
Lina Zhou *
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Engineering and Computer Science
Danielle Geller
(term ends June 20, 2026)
Fine Arts

Brian Thom
(term ends June 20, 2025)

Social Sciences
Sudhir Nair *
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
Simon Minshall *
(term ends June 30, 2025)
Human and Social Development
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Medical Sciences
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Kelvin Lee
(term ends June 30, 2024)
Student Senator  2 students, including 1 undergraduate student and 1 graduate student, at least 1 of whom must be a student member of Senate
Samuel Fielder
(terms ends June 30, 2023)
GSS student representative
Victor V. Ramraj
(term ends June 30, 2024)
Director, Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives
1 Research Centre Director, selected by the Council of Centre Directors
Matt Huculak
(term ends June 30, 2026)
Libraries, Systems Services

1 Librarian selected by Faculty Association Librarian's Committee

Matthew Koch
Department of History
President's nominee
(ex-officio, voting)
Jonathan Bengtson  University Librarian
(ex-officio, voting)
Wency Lum  Associate Vice-President Systems & Chief Information Officer
(ex-officio, voting)
Lisa Goddard 3 Associate University Librarians
(ex-officio, voting)
Lisa Petrachenko
Ry Moran
Kaelan Smith
University Librarian's Office Secretary