Student appeals to the Senate

The Senate Committee on Appeals is an impartial final appeal body for students at the University of Victoria. In accordance with the University Act, the Senate has delegated to the Senate Committee on Appeals the authority and responsibility to decide, on behalf of the Senate, all final appeals from students involving the application of academic regulations and requirements. The Senate Committee on Appeals has no jurisdiction to consider a decision where the sole question in a student's appeal turns on a question of academic judgment. Prior to filing an appeal with the committee, a student must have pursued and exhausted all other reviews, appeals or remedies provided by the University of Victoria's undergraduate and graduate calendars or by the policies or regulations of the student's faculty.

A student who is unsatisfied with a decision of a university official on an academic matter may have recourse to the Senate Committee on Appeals. Academic matters are the responsibility of course instructors, departments, faculties and the Senate. Depending on the nature of the academic matter of concern to the student, the order in which the student should normally try to resolve the matter is: first, the course instructor; second, the chair of the department; third, the dean of the faculty; and finally, the Senate Committee on Appeals. Students are encouraged to explore all methods of resolution including mediation with the appropriate university officials before resorting to an appeal to the Senate.

The deadline for filing an appeal before the Senate Committee on Appeals is two (2) months from the final decision, action or treatment being appealed. Students should note that Senate approved a change to the deadline from 6-months to 2-months at its April 3, 2009 meeting.

Students who wish to file an appeal with the Senate Committee on Appeals must complete a Notice of Appeal form available on this web page or from the Office of the University Secretary. Students are encouraged to consult the Ombudsperson for assistance prior to filing an appeal.

For more information on submitting or responding to a student appeal to Senate, please refer to the Senate Committee on Appeals' Terms of Reference and the Procedural Guidelines.

Note: Student appeals regarding admission, re-registration or transfer are considered by the Senate Committee on Admission, Re-registration and Transfer Appeals.  Please contact the Office of the Registrar for information regarding appeals to this committee.