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The Department of Economics general office is in the Business and Economics Building (BEC) 360. We're open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Photo of Dr. Christopher Auld

Dr. Christopher Auld

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 348

Photo of Dr. Paola Beneras

Dr. Paola Beneras P.

Assistant Teaching Professor Economics

Office: BEC 376

Photo of Dr. Pascal Courty outside

Dr. Pascal Courty

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 340

Marco Cozzi, Associate Teaching Professor

Dr. Marco Cozzi

Associate Teaching Professor Economics

Office: BEC 368 250-721-6535

Photo of Dr. Martin Farnham

Dr. Martin Farnham

Associate Professor; Graduate Advisor Economics

Office: BEC 354

Donn Feir, Professor of Economics

Dr. Donn Feir

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 380 250-721-8533

Vasco Gabriel

Dr. Vasco Gabriel

Professor; Chair Economics

Office: BEC 360 250-721-8532

Generic Profile Pic

Dr. Rob Gillezeau

Assistant Professor Economics

Office: BEC 374 250-472-5948

Photo of Dr. Elisabeth Gugl

Dr. Elisabeth Gugl

Associate Professor; Associate Chair Economics

Office: BEC 384 250-721-8538

Photo of Stephen Hume

Mr. Stephen E. Hume

Associate Teaching Professor Economics

Office: BEC 386

Generic Profile Pic

Dr. Emma Hutchinson

Assistant Professor Economics

Office: BEC 344

Generic Profile Pic

Dr. Peter W. Kennedy

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 366 250-721-8530

Dr. Alok Kumar

Dr. Alok Kumar

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 334 250-721-8543

Generic Profile Pic

Dr. Felix Pretis

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 388 250-721-6520

Photo of Dr. Nilanjana Roy

Dr. Nilanjana Roy

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 364 250-472-4417

Photo of Dr. Colette Salami

Dr. Colette Salemi

Assistant Professor Economics

Office: BEC 372 250-472-4956

Generic Profile Pic

Dr. Herbert Schuetze

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 338 250-721-8541

Photo of Dr. Paul Schure

Dr. Paul Schure

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 336 250-721-8535

Photo of Dr. David Scoones

Dr. David Scoones

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 378 250-721-6198

Kenneth Stewart

Dr. Kenneth G. Stewart

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 352

Graham Voss, Professor of Economics

Dr. Graham M. Voss

Professor Economics

Office: BEC 370 250-721-8545

Photo of Dr. Tao Wang

Dr. Tao Wang

Assistant Professor Economics

Office: BEC 392 250-721-6482

Linda Welling

Dr. Linda A. Welling

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 346 250-721-8546

Dr. Chris Willmore

Dr. Chris Willmore

Associate Teaching Professor Economics

Office: BEC 390

Photo of Dr. Justin Wiltshire by the ocean

Dr. Justin Wiltshire

Assistant Professor Economics

Office: BEC 394 250-853-3917

Photo of Dr. Ke Xu outdoors

Dr. Ke Xu

Associate Professor Economics

Office: BEC 382 250-721-6484

Photo of Dr. Lijun Zhang

Dr. Lijun Zhang

Associate Teaching Professor Economics

Office: BEC 332 250-721-6483


Photo of Brooklynn Comish-Trimble

Brooklynn Comish-Trimble

Senior Academic Coordinator, Undergraduate Advisor Economics

Brooklynn Comish-Trimble received her MA in economics from the University of Victoria. Her research interests include health economics and public economics. She is passionate about the best practices for learning and teaching.

Office: BEC 306

Photo of Isaac Earl, Graduate Program Assistant

Isaac Earl

Graduate Program Assistant Economics

As the Gradaute Program Assistant, I work closely with the graduate advisor, current and prospective students of the graduate programs. I provide administrative assistance in monitering students' progress during their studies, scheduling defenses and exams, registration/admission requirements, and departmental/university regulations.

Office: BEC 360 250-472-4409

Kali Moon, Administrative Assistant

Kali Moon

Administrative Assistant Economics

As the first point of contact for the department, I answer and direct general departmental inquiries and provide assistance with undergraduate student registration and program information. I am responsible for distributing departmental communication and providing administrative support to faculty, staff, administrators, and visitors to the department.

Office: BEC 360 250-472-4410

Profile photo for Charlene Toews

Charlene Toews

Administrative Officer Economics

As Administrative Officer, I provide financial management of departmental resources, create course timetables, manage and supervise office staff, and act as hiring manager for sessional instructors, TAs and staff.

Office: BEC 360b 250-721-6197

Generic Profile Pic

Abby Winograd

Assistant to the Chair Economics

As Assistant to the Chair, I provide administrative support to the Chair and coordinate the administrative functions of the general office, including for faculty appointments/reappointments and leaves, as well as undergraduate course registration and deferred exams.

Office: BEC 360 250-721-8532

Natasha Jamal, economics co-op coordinator

Linda Voss, REPA office, research assistant to Dr. van Kooten

Adjunct Professors

Alistair Dow, adjunct professor 

Sheila Dow, adjunct professor 

Knick Harley, adjunct professor

Jill Horwitz, adjunct professor

John Janmaat, adjunct associate professor

Richard Martin, adjunct assistant professor

Alan Mehlenbacher, adjunct assistant professor

Bradley Stennes, adjunct associate professor

Lili Sun, adjunct assistant professor


Kenneth Avio

Professor Emeritus

BS (Oregon), MS (Purdue), PhD (Purdue). Ken Avio taught at the University of Western Ontario and Purdue University before joining the Department of Economics at UVic in 1974 as an assistant professor. He was promoted to professor in 1991 and served as department chair from 1983-86. His fields of interest are economics and philosophy, economic analysis of law, and economics of crime. Professor Avio retired in 2007.

Judith Clarke

Professor Emeritus

BCs Hons 1 & M.Ec (Monash, Au), PhD in Econometrics (Canterbury, Christchurch NZ). Judith Anne Clarke joined UVic in January, 1994, after obtaining her BEc (Hons I) and M.Ec. from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and her PhD, in econometrics, from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. Dr Clarke’s research interests lie mainly in theoretical econometric issues that arise as a consequence of the practises of applied researchers. Dr Clarke has published widely in econometrics and statistics journals and had the pleasure of supervising over 30 MA and PhD students during her career.

Merwan Engineer

Professor Emeritus

BA Hons (UBC) MA (Queen's) PhD (Queen’s). Dr. Merwan Engineer joined the department of Economics at UVic as Associate Professor in 1995 and was promoted to full Professor in 2001. Prior to coming to UVic, Merwan was a lecturer at Queen’s University and an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph. Dr. Engineer’s research interests lie mainly in monetary and macroeconomic theory as well as economic growth and development. Dr. Engineer has been published extensively during his career and has supervised over 40 graduate students as well as about 20 undergraduate honours students. In ongoing research, Dr. Engineer will continue to work on developing game-theoretic analyses of the political economy of climate change. The research aims to identify social and economic factors that might trigger a policy tipping point for a green economy.


David Giles

Professor Emeritus

BSc, MComm(Hons), PhD (Canterbury, NZ).  David Giles joined the Department of Economics as Professor in January 1994. He was previously Professor of Economics at the University of Canterbury (1986-1993), and Professor of Econometrics at Monash University (1978-1985). He served as Chair of the Department of Econometrics and O.R. at Monash for part of the latter period. His research covers many areas of econometrics and statistics, with special emphasis on inference, time-series and Bayesian methods. Professor Giles retired in 2017. In retirement he continues his econometrics research, holds several editorial positions, and maintains his web site at

Carl Mosk

Professor Emeritus

AB (UCLA, Berkeley), MS (MIT), PhD (Harvard). Carl Mosk joined the Economics Department as a full Professor in 1988. His fields of interest include: Asian economic history, Japanese economy, population economics, economic development, economics of religion, international trade and migration, and the relationship between nationalism and industrialization.  Professor Mosk retired in 2016. In retirement, he continues his research, concentrating on the global relationship between religion and capitalism from the Ancient world to the modern era.

Malcolm Rutherford

Professor Emeritus

BA (Heriot-Watt), MA (Simon Fraser), PhD (Durham). Malcolm Rutherford joined the Department of Economics at UVic in 1977 as an instructor. He was promoted to professor in 1994 and served as department chair from 1991-1999. His fields of interest include: American economic institutionalism and the history and development of economic thought. Professor Rutherford retired in 2015.

Joseph Schaafsma

Professor Emeritus

BA (McMaster), MA (McMaster), PhD (Toronto). Joseph Schaafsma joined the Department of Economics in 1971 as an assistant professor. He was promoted to professor in 1996 and served as department chair from 2000-2005. His fields of interest are public finance, economics of human resources, and health economics. Professor Schaafsma retired in 2008.

John A. Schofield

Professor Emeritus

BA Hons (Durham), MBA (Indiana), MA (SFU), PhD (SFU). John Schofield held positions as research assistant, economist and teaching associate prior to joining the faculty of the Department of Economics at UVic in 1972 as assistant professor. He was promoted to professor in 1989. Professor Schofield held a number of administrative positions at UVic, including: Department Chair; Associate Vice-President, Academic; Dean of Arts & Science; and most recently, Acting Executive Director, Co-operative Education Programs. His fields of interest include: regional and urban economics; public finance; cost-benefit analysis; human resources economics; and economics of sport. Professor Schofield retired in 2006.

In Memoriam:

Colin Jones

Professor Emeritus

BA (Wales), MA (Montana State), PhD (Queen’s). Colin Jones was a lecturer at Montana State University and Queen’s University before joining the Department of Economics at UVic as an instructor in 1963. He achieved the first PhD in Economics from Queen's. Colin was promoted to professor in 1979 and served as department chair from 1999-2000. His fields of interest included: industrial organization; price theory; money and banking; and sports economics. Professor Jones retired in 2002 but continued to teach part-time until 2006. He passed away on October 11, 2019, at the age of 82 years. Colin is fondly remembered by his colleagues and was known as a wonderful and well-respected teacher. 



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BEC 248

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Graduate Program Assistant Isaac Earl 250-472-4409 BEC 360
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