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Photo of Abubakr Ayesh

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Office: BEC 314
PhD Michigan State University
Area of expertise:
Development and economic history, and environmental economics


Abubakr is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of Victoria. He received his PhD from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University in 2022. Abubakr is an Applied Microeconomist with research interests in Environmental Economics, and Development Economics and Economic History. Abubakr is on the EconJobMarket 2023-24.

Abubakr's research lies at the intersection of economic development, environment, and economic history. He has published research on environmental externalities and economic well-being in developing countries. His research also looks at the impact of historical events on subsequent economic development, including the economic well-being of Indigenous Peoples in Canada during the early 20th Century.

More details on Abubakr’s research and contact information is available on his website