Marine Sciences

UVic student Navarana Smith
Students have the opportunity to spend a semester at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre on Vancouver Island.

A degree in biology (BIOL) at UVic provides a unique opportunity to specialize in Marine Sciences—the ocean is everywhere at UVic, and if it's your passion, our department is the place for you.

Our campus is located within walking distance or a short drive of beaches and rocky shores of southern Vancouver Island. UVic is home to the large-scale remote ocean sensing programs of NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS and a partner university supporting Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Degree and course options

Together with the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) and Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC), we offer many lecture and laboratory/field courses with a significant Marine Science component.

You can obtain a combined Major in Biology and Ocean Sciences and the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences offers an Ocean Sciences minor, which can be taken during the summer or as part of a regular biology program. A Marine Biology concentration is also offered within a Biology Major Honours program.

Undergraduate courses with a significant marine sciences component offered on the UVic campus:

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre offers 1.5 and 3.0 unit Summer courses and a Fall program of 7.5 units under the MRNE designation. These courses qualify for credit towards a UVic biology degree.

Undergraduate research

Several courses at UVic and courses at Bamfield have associated laboratory and field components that offer hands-on experiences for students.

As well, Directed Studies courses and the Honour's thesis programs offer opportunities for students to obtain research experience in under the supervision of UVic faculty (listed below).

Students with an interest in pursuing graduate studies are especially encouraged to take advantage of these research opportunities.

Adjunct faculty are located at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Institute of Ocean Sciences is located at Patricia Bay, 30 minutes from campus and Pacific Biological Station is 90 minutes north in Nanaimo providing collaborative research opportunities for undergraduates.

Faculty with interest in marine science

Faculty member Email
Dr. Amanda Bates (Biology)
Dr. Julia Baum (Biology)
Dr. John Dower (Biology & SEOS)
Dr Rana El-Sabaawi (Biology)
Dr. Francis Juanes (Biology)
Liber Ero Research Chair in Fisheries Biology
Dr. Ben Koop (Biology)
Dr. Diana Varela (Biology & SEOS)