FAQ for undergraduate students

Students doing field research

General questions

What if I don't have any high school Biology?

Students lacking Biology 11 or 12 need to complete BIOL 150A or BIOL 150B.

Who do I contact if I have questions about transfer credits, science electives and course substitutions?

What is the GPA requirement for the Biology Honours program?

Your GPA must average 6.0 or greater over all Biology courses (including courses taken at other institutions for which you receive transfer credit). For more information on the Honours program, please visit our undergraduate research index.

At what point during an undergraduate degree can I enter the Honours program?

The Honours program is intended for students in the last year of their undergraduate program. Students should be investigating the requirements towards the end of their third year. For more information on the Honours program, please visit our undergraduate research index.

I'm having trouble registering for courses/labs.

Please contact .

How do I waitlist for a course?

You can find detailed information on course registration here: https://www.uvic.ca/students/undergraduate/course-registration/index.php. 

Instructions on how to register, including how to add yourself to a waitlist, are available here: https://www.uvic.ca/students/academics/register-for-courses/index.php

Please contact  if you are having trouble registering in a BIOL course.

How can I get experience working in a research lab?

There are different ways to get experience in a research lab as an undergrad student. See the links below for more information on each program.

I want to be a botanist / entomologist / geneticist / conservation officer / marine biologist / veterinary / medical doctor. Which courses should I take?

Please start by looking at our "Career Paths" flowchart. The Co-op Education Program and Careers Services on campus offers career counselling, resources and advice.

I want to get a degree in "Marine Biology".

The Department of Biology doesn’t offer a specific program in Marine Biology but offers a Concentration in Marine Biology

Program worksheet Biology Major, Marine Concentration BSC

Program worksheet Biology Major, Marine Concentration Ocean Studies minor (BSC)

While you’re studying at UVic, you also have the option of taking courses at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC) http://www.bamfieldmsc.com/ for credit at UVic. BMSC is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, a 5-hour drive from Victoria. Fees at BMSC include room and board. BMSC offers intensive, hands-on courses and is a great opportunity for in-depth study of marine science and ecology. For more information about opportunities at BMSC, please contact the University programs coordinator directly, .

You can also take courses through the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences. The link to their course page is http://www.uvic.ca/science/seos/courses/index.php. They offer courses in physical and chemical oceanography.


I want to come to UVic. What's my next step?

Visit the Undergraduate Admissions page and follow the directions. You'll find detailed information here to guide you through the process.

I'm transferring from another institution. Will my courses transfer over to Biology?

Your transfer credits are evaluated when you apply to UVic. If you're transferring from a BC institution, check the BC Transfer Credit Guide to see if your credits will transfer. We can't evaluate transfer credits before you begin the application process.

I'm a high school student. Which courses should I take in Gr. 11 and 12 if I want to study Biology at UVic?

You'll be applying to the Faculty of Science. The admission requirements are described in detail in the calendar.