Undergraduate research and funding

There are many different possibilities for research experience as an undergraduate student.
There are many different possibilities for research experience as an undergraduate student.


NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC-USRA): These awards are intended to stimulate students' interest in research and to encourage them to consider graduate studies and pursue a career in research. The USRA has a value of $6000 plus supervisor's contribution (minimum $1500). Students must complete a 16-week consecutive research term. The start dates are May 1, September 1 or January 1. The USRA can count as a co-op work term.

The deadline to apply for a USRA is January 31 of each year.


Jamie Cassels Research Award (JCURA): The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Award (JCURA) is designed to provide support for exceptional undergradute students who might otherwise not be able to obtain a direct research experience. The Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) administers the award nomination process on behalf of the Provost's Office. Recipients undertake a research investigation under the mentorship of, a faculty supervisor. Each student receives $1,500 credited directly in their UVic account.

The deadline to apply for a JCURA is July 15 of each year.


Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA): The awards are directed at undergraduate students who wish to carry out a research project under the supervision of a Faculty Member in Science at UVic. The expectation is that the student will work full-time on the project for at least three months over one academic term, prior to continuing undergraduate studies in a subsequent term. The SURA will provide up to $4,000 to the student for the research project, and the supervisor of the project must at least match this contribution. The amount of the award will be related to the length of the student's research project.

The deadline to apply for a SURA is February 15 of each year.

Work study

Work study program: The work study program is funded by Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) with the objective to provide additional financial assistance through on-campus part-time employment opportunities for students with documented financial need. Students gain experience during the Fall and Spring terms working in a teaching or research lab.

BIOL 490

Directed Studies and Research: Directed Studies and Research (BIOL 490 A-J) is a credit course for senior students working on a project in a research lab. The prerequisites for directed studies are a cumulative GPA of 5.0 on the last 15 units of course work and third- or fourth-year standing.

The deadline to apply for a Directed Studies is 5 days before the last day to add courses.

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Honours Program: The Biology Honours Program provides an opportunity for qualified senior undergraduates to undertake a research project, to work closely with a research supervisor, and to improve their skills in oral and written scientific communication.  The Honours Program is especially recommended for students considering postgraduate work in biology. It is distinguished from the Majors Program by the requirement of four courses: BIOL 330, Study Design and Data Analysis, BIOL 460, Honours Seminar, and BIOL 499A and 499B, Honours Thesis.  Students are strongly encouraged to take BIOL 330 in their third year, before applying to the Honours Program. 

The deadline to submit an application for the Honours Program is July 1 of each year.

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