Washington, Annie

Project title: The Role of Family Businesses in the Czech Republic

Department: Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Komal Kalra

"My research project criteria is to conduct research on a specific business topic related to the country in which I am doing exchange in. For me, this is the Czech Republic. During my research in choosing a topic, I came across information regarding the role of family businesses in this country in comparison to the rest of the EU. The spike of interest in family run businesses in the Czech Republic has increased in the most recent decades, and the reasoning for this is the communist regime being active in the Czech Republic for around four decades and supressing, and almost wiping out many Czech family firms. Quite recently, an established definition of what a family firm is defined as is being established in Czech. As other European countries have been putting in various initiatives such as tax breaks to encourage family firms, the Czech Republic should be looking to do the same. This research will analyze the history of the presence of Czech family firms, and it will also look into surrounding EU countries and their policies on family businesses in order to analyze the future policy making for family firms in the Czech Republic."