2018-2019 JCURA Abstracts

JCURA 2018/19
StudentDepartmentProject title
Abbott, Ethan Biochemistry and MicrobiologyStill sweeter than sugar? Investigating sucralose as an endocrine disruptor
Anderson, RyannEnglishCommunity-Engagement on Stage: A Case Study of Productions in the Williams Head Institution
Andrew, LucasChemistryDevelopments in Microfluidics for Targeted Polymer Nanoparticle DNA Delivery Technology
Bancroft, AlanGermanic and Slavic StudiesContinuity and Discontinuity in Soviet Film: Avant-Garde and Socialist Realism
Bell, HannahTheatreKansha: An Exploration of Cultural Appreciation Through Dramatic Process
Bell, NathanielPsychologyThe Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Stress, Attention & Exam Performance
Berlin, GrahamPsychologyEarly Experiences of Family-Based Heterosexism: Current Psychological Well-Being and Experiences of Shame in Sexual Minority Men
Bock, LauraGermanic and Slavic StudiesKZ Hersbruck: a look at the impact of the Holocaust on a small German town
Boyd, BenExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationComparison of indoor and outdoor rock climbing on brain wave activity
Bradshaw, ZoeHistoryWhat’s for Dinner? Early-Modern Meals, Food Preparation, and Class
Brown, Rachael Biochemistry and MicrobiologyDetermining the Role of Eosinophils During Enteric Bacterial Infection
Chau, Hoi YeePacific and Asian StudiesImproving China’s Two Child Policy Through a Gendered Perspective
Chewter, ErinGermanic and Slavic StudiesBraiding Theory for Transformative Change: Exploring the Intersections and Incommensurabilities of Critical and Indigenous Theory
Choi, James Medical SciencesSynaptic plasticity in the hippocampus
Cliche, ÉliseGeographyTree-ring derived Little Ice Age hydroclimatic trends at Waddington Glacier, British Columbia
Conradi, Kai WritingIntersections of poetry and fiction in contemporary literature
Coulter, BrittanyGeographyDendroglaciological investigations at Bell Glacier, British Columbia Coast Mountains
Craig, CaitlinAnthropologyA Taphonomic Approach to the Study of Heat Treating Ostrich Eggshell Beads from the 11,500 year old site Grassridge (South Africa)
Crook, RachaelGender StudiesPolitics and Subversive Potentials in "Fat Burlesque"
Crystal, JamieMusicOwen Underhill - Three Reflections on Pride
Cumberland, Mackenzie EconomicsThe Effect of Changing Reference Groups on Female Happiness
Davie, FarahNursingExploring the impact of participation in an intergenerational choir on residents in long-term care
Davies, EmilyChemistryA ‘chemical fingerprint’ for drug detection and identification
Davis, JacobChemistrySynthesis of Prospective Pharmaceuticals
Demarco, Hector EconomicsAn Udder One Bites The Dust” Optimal Grazing Management and Land Degradation
Dhalla, Alanya Interdisciplinary Academic Programs The Impact of Climate Change on Human Trafficking and Irregular Migration
Dias, KimWritingElements of a Fairy Tale: Necessities for a Retelling
Dixon, LarissaPriority Initiative - AnthroplogyCase Study: Triquet Artifact
Dobbs, JosephBiochemistry and Microbiology Using Yeast to Determine if Missense Mutations in Ars2 are Linked to Neuropathic Disease
Duquette, Rosalie Hispanic and Italian StudiesFrom Novel to Film: A Study of Angeles Mastretta's Arráncame la vida
Dussault Gomez, Marie-AnneExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationThe Effect of Chronic Stress on the Cognitive Abilities of University Students
Engstrom, JacobGreek and Roman StudiesInclusion in Exclusivity: Burial Practices in the Social and Political Developments of the Prepalatial Greek Mainland (MH I - LH II). With a Preliminary Case Study of Tomb 11 at Ancient Eleon, Central Greece
Fairley-Beam, Iris PhilosophyStandards of Evidence in Sexual Assault Trials
Fitz-Gerald, WyleeEarth and Ocean SciencesDynamics of dissolved oxygen in the Labrador Sea as observed by robotic profiling floats
Fode, DominicEarth and Ocean SciencesInvestigating Australia’s Sedimentary Reservoirs through Geologic History
Fraser, JessicaBiologySelfish X chromosomes and host-parasitoid interactions in Drosophila testacea
Frost, Lauren Gender StudiesCasting Call: White Neutrality and Gender Binary in Theatre and Film
Gannon, Kiara Environmental StudiesTraits of extinction: the conservation of species at risk in British Columbia
Glassford, Blake Political ScienceTale of Two Democracies: Examining the Effectiveness of U.N. Democratization Missions
Graham, Sarah Interdisciplinary Academic Programs How Can (un)Learning Settler Ancestry Challenge Settler Colonialism?
Gray, Morgan PsychologyOrganic food and the Valuing of Intrinsic Goals
Gregory, ElizabethPsychologyDoes attachment style influence the gist perception of facial emotions?
Grills, RyanPeter B. Gustavson School of BusinessChinas Growing Debt is a Global Problem
Hack, KarineEnglishHistory's Playthings; Exploring Trauma through Thing Theory
Haisell, Camille HistorySystemic Racism & Mental Health: Effects of 1940s Canadian Policies of Dispossession and Internment on Japanese Canadians in BC Psychiatric Care
Harrington, Marisa Exercise Science, Physical and Health EducationThe Effects of Multiple Concussions on Heart Rate Variability
Haupt, AlexandraSociologyDoing” Sociology: Undergraduate Learning through Community Engaged Research
Hiebert, AveryComputer ScienceUsing independent component analysis to investigate hidden states of an LSTM performing sentiment analysis
Higham-Leisen, Pascale Art History and Visual StudiesNeuroaesthetics and Vulnerability in Early Modern and Renaissance Art
Hills, RoryChemistryEvaluation of real-time drug-checking technologies
Hogan, MikailaAnthropologyHIV in Older Adults
Horne, ChristopherEnglishA Common Objective: Ideological Resistance in the Poetry of Louis Zukofsky and George Oppen
Horning, CariliaEnglishPlace-Based Literature Instruction for Elementary School Children
Hrusik, CurtisPhilosophyMoving Beyond Consistency: Motivations for a Non-Explosive Logical Consequence Relation
Hunter, StuartFrench« L'extrait théâtral dans le Mercure de France, 1724-1744 » which is in English "The theatrical extract in the Mercure de France, 1724-1744" (Mercure de France italicized.)
Kapp, Sarah Art History and Visual StudiesDe-Mythicizing the Artist: How Gauguin Shaped his Identity in Response to the Emerging European Art Market
Kennedy, Jessica Social WorkAn Environmental Scan of Social Work Response to the Overdose Crisis in Canada
Kenyon, MadeleinePhilosophyForgiveness as a Societal Disservice: An Exploration of the Social Dangers of Forgiving Wrongdoers
Kirchner, LiamCivil EngineeringImproving Emergency Water Treatment in Rohingyan Refugee Camps
Kopik, Bruna EconomicsYour cheque is in the mail: A theoretical study of remittances
Kuo, TiffanyFrenchThe representation of the Chiac vernacular, its speakers and other linguistic groups in Acadieman
Laird, Monica History“The Empire Traveller”: Purposeful Tourism in Western Canada, 1885 -1914
Laketic, KatarinaChemistryCharacterization of the neutral components of methylalumoxane using charge-tagging
Lang, DavidHistoryA History of the Conflict Over Raw Log Exports in British Columbia
Leclerc, EtienneMathematics and StatisticsSwitching in (m, n)-Mixed Graphs
Lee, ChristopherMechanical Engineering3D-Bioprinting Brain Tumor Models for Screening Chemotherapeutic Agents
Li, YuQi Biochemistry and MicrobiologyEnhancing cancer immunotherapy by engineering T cells to express a dominant – negative form of Cbl-b
Light, ErinPsychologyThe development of Executive Functions and Pragmatic Skills in Preschoolers
Liu, AmyBiologyOpsins in the dark: The evolution of light sensing proteins in three distantly related cavefish
Liu, Pengqi Mathematics and StatisticsOn R-Optimal Designs for Regression Models
Lloyd, Kelsey Exercise Science, Physical and Health EducationComparing Neural Activity Between Indoor and Outdoor Exercise Using a Portable EEG
Louie, MichaelaPriority Initiative - Child and Youth CareSisters Rising: Honouring Body and Land Sovereignty
Ma, CaniceNursingBRCA Consenting Seminar Outcomes Proposal
MacIlroy, AlyciaGreek and Roman StudiesGendered Medicine: Exploring Female and Male Anatomy in Ancient Medical Texts
Marks, Lindy HistoryAn Analysis of Victorian Gender Norms: Narratives and Popular Representations of Maria Manning
Martin, SusanHealth Information ScienceIdentifying and Recommending tools to Evaluate the ‘Relationship-Centredness’ of Primary Care in BC
Maslova, LaymaHispanic and Italian StudiesA City Loved to Death: The Impact of Overtourism on Barcelona
McDonald, VictoriaEarth and Ocean SciencesClimate Sensitivity Dependence on Background Climate State
McMillan, RachelPolitical ScienceThe End of Interjections? An Analysis of Heckling in the Presence of More Women in Politics
Milligan, MaevePacific and Asian StudiesBeef Noodles and Legal Policies: How the Chinese Government Supports Minority Groups in Shanghai
Moeller, Brandon Biochemistry and MicrobiologyA Misunderstood Granulocyte: Investigating the Function of Thymic Eosinophils
Mooney, ColinHistory“Accio Memoria!”: Memorialization of Memory in Fiction
Morgan, JessicaNursingAn Intergenerational Community Choir for Persons with AD and their Caregivers
Naumann, Trevor MusicAnalysis of Vocal Production Techniques
Nazaroff, IsaacLatin American StudiesLatin America or Indo-America: Reclaiming an Indigenous Identity
Nicholson, Maxwell EconomicsGame Theory and the Blockchain: Applying Behavioural Economics to Consensus Mechanisms
Niwa-Heinen, MusaEnglishStella Benson: Canonizing her Contributions within Modernist Feminism
Noble, CasandraExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationPhysical literacy in middle-late childhood: Relationships among motor competence, perceived motor competence, task value and physical activity
Nyren, JackGeographyCities and Space: A study of Centennial Square’s Past, Present, and Future
O'Briain, Teaghan Physics and AstronomyAdversarial Learning applied to Stellar Spectral analyses
Oosterman, JustinPacific and Asian StudiesThe artificial decline of English song titles in Japanese music during the Pacific War
O'Shea, Sadee Peter B. Gustavson School of BusinessSmoking Kills: A Look at the Tobacco Inudstry in France
Pandora, PassiaPhilosophyA Critique of Materialism in Philosophy of Mind
Perks, Nelson BiologyInvestigating the impacts of algae density on coral recruitment following the 2015-2016 El Niño
Porteous, IsabelleFrenchWise Woman: How Matriarchal Knowledge Contributes to Feminist Discourse in Québecois literature
Preissl, Dayton Mathematics and StatisticsConfinement Properties in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas
Reck, NicoleLinguisticsBAG, BEG, BAGEL: The Case of Victoria Undergrads
Reid, ClaraEnvironmental StudiesPollination and Floral Longevity
Robertson, Emma Medieval StudiesHounds, Guardians, and Oracles: Dogs as Symbols in the Middle Ages
Rowley, Jaden GeographyModelling Nutrient Transport Processes In the Lake Winnipeg Watershed
Russell, Sarah Social WorkPublic Discourses on Opioid Replacement Therapy in the Prison System
Ruszel, Julian Pacific and Asian StudiesThe Neoliberalization of Collectivist Family Structures in Japan
Savidge, ElenaEarth and Ocean SciencesCharacterizing an earthquake triplet in Iran using InSAR imagery
Sawyer, Austin Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of a Computer Modelling Technique to Investigate Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
Schmidt-Brown, AbigailReligious StudiesAntisemitism in the Dialogue Surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Silvera, AlexisCurriculum and InstructionAccessibility Innovation in Higher Education Through Telepresence Robots
Sinclair, Charlotte Public Health and Social PolicyGlobal Child Rights Dialog
Snowden-Richardson, Taylor Medical SciencesEffects of 3D-MOT Training on Reaction Time in Varsity Swimmers
Spence, Erin Political ScienceThe Impact of Electoral Systems in European Parliament Elections
Stewart, LexyGeographyA Roof over their Heads: Exploring Housing Precarity for Vulnerable Populations
Thompson, Lyndsee Political ScienceThe Intersection of Privacy Norms: Social Media Use and Data Protection in Malaysia
Toth, Amy-LynnMusicThe influence of Eastern European Folk Music on the 2nd Violin Concerto of Béla Bartók
Travers-Smith, HanaEnvironmental StudiesPopulation Dynamics of green alder and white spruce in the NWT in response to climate change.
Trimble, Brooklynn EconomicsE-Cigarettes and Body Weight: The Impact on American Youth and Young Adults
Tso, LoisCivil EngineeringInnovative non-destructive techniques for assessing quality of building envelopes
Ugalde, Allyson LinguisticsHow will we sound? A sociolinguistic study of /t/ in developing speakers
Van Der Meer, KastleGender StudiesForced Sexual Labour Under the National Socialist German Workers' Party: Brothels in Nazi Concentration Camps and the Trauma they Inflicted on Women
Vorster, RyanMechanical EngineeringForce control of robotic polishing system using a 6-axis load cell
Walters, AndrayaNursingVoices in Motion: An Intergenerational Community Choir for Persons with AD and their Caregiver
Wells-Durand, Emma BiologyExploring the use of base editing for correction of mutations in Gaucher disease
Whitehead, PaigeEnvironmental StudiesMicroorganisms and Indigenous Soils: Past and present Relationships with Ancient Soils
Whitehorne, LeeLinguistics/MusicThe Sweet Sounds of Syntax: Neural Processing of Hierarchical Structures in Music
Wong, Dee Dee Health Information SciencePredicting the sustainability of mobile health applications
Woods, MackenzieBiologyThe effects of anthropogenic underwater noise on plainfin midshipman fish reproductive behaviour
Yang, Jitong (Jeff)EconomicsThe Long-Term Effects of Population Aging on Chinese Financial Markets: A Quantitative Analysis
Yoon-Henderson, Hanum PhilosophyCultural Relativism Compatible with Global Feminism?
Yoshida, Kaya Exercise Science, Physical and Health EducationLong-term monitoring of fall risk in older adults using walking gait and clinical measures
Young, PenelopeBiologyCharacterizing the effect of tyrosine phosphorylation on the assembly of a7 and a4B2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in model HEK293T cells
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