JCURA recipients' workshops

Students are very welcome to visit the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) to get feedback on their writing and their posters. Please book an appointment with Nancy, Kaveh or Gillian.

Are you a JCURA recipient? We’re here to help! We offer a support series to help you “Prepare for the Fair”! 

JCURA recipients can register for the following workshops through Brightspace once access has been granted.

Research Ethics Approval and Workshop
Knowing about research ethics is crucial to any budding researcher's career. If your JCURA research project involves collecting data from human participants (interviews, surveys, observations, etc.), using or collecting human biological materials (blood, urine, cell lines, etc.) or accessing existing data sets or reports that are protected (e.g., patient files, government data sets, etc.) your research must be reviewed and approved by the UVic Human Research Ethics Board (UVIC Research Policy 1250). Before you start your research activities, please review the ethics module available on the JCURA Brightspace site and register for one of the Zoom sessions offered to learn more and ask your questions to our research ethics experts. This ethics information covers the basics for student researchers including what studies require research ethics review and approval, and what to do if you and your supervisor are unsure whether your project requires research ethics clearance. We encourage you to visit the university’s Human Research Ethics website to access application forms, application guidelines, and additional resources. Even if your JCURA project would not require ethical approval, you may find the workshop helpful.

Please note: The ethical review process cannot be conducted after you have collected data. Your supervisor is responsible for ensuring that you are appropriately mentored on this process. 
You will only need to register for one of the Ethics sessions offered.

JCURA Meet and Greet Workshop
Come and share your research topic and ideas with other JCURA recipients. This is a chance to learn about what other JCURA recipients are working on and learn from each other. This is a great way to share and connect. 

Prepare for the Fair: Prepare your Academic Poster
Come join us and work on your poster for the JCURA Fair. We’ll guide you through choosing a style that fits with your discipline and help you develop your own poster. Facilitators from the Copyright office and the Digital Scholarship Commons will share additional information to help you create your poster. Students from any discipline, including the arts, can learn from this workshop. We would love to assist you individually at the CAC online or, if we are meeting in real time, real space, in the library! Please email Nancy or Kaveh to set up an appointment.

Please Note: There are several identical sessions offered on preparing your academic poster. You are welcome to attend more than one session. 

Prepare for the Fair: Speaking to your Research
We provide workshops to help you "Speak about your Research" at the JCURA Fair.  You will benefit from attending this workshop at least once as we will cover how to speak succinctly and clearly about your research. After completing this workshop, you will be able to 

  • easily explain your topic in one minute
  • practice answering questions about your research from a diverse audience
  • understand what makes a good title, and more!

You are welcome to attend more than one session of this workshop, no matter where you are in your research! If you are unable to attend any of the JCURA "Speaking to your Research" workshops or want an individual session, we would love to assist you personally at the CAC, either online or, if we’re in real time, real space, at the library! Please email Emily to set up an appointment.

Please consider submitting your research to The Arbutus Review, UVic’s online journal showcasing excellent undergraduate research.

Are you a future JCURA applicant? Find out how to apply for an award through your department. The deadline for nominations to the LTSI is July 31st each year.