Professional development

TACs l. Amir Andaliby Joghataie, Erin Mirau and Mario Baldassari
TACs (from l. Amir Andaliby Joghataie, Erin Mirau and Mario Baldassari) standing in front of a cedar and glass work called "Surviving Truth" by Maynard Johnny, Jr., Kwakwaka'wakw and Coast Salish Artist.

To help you prepare for your teaching responsibilities, we offer a range of instruction and professional development opportunities.

  • TA Conferences take place every September and January and are designed to help develop and improve teaching skills. The conferences are free for all graduate students.
  • TA Workshops are offered throughout the year for TAs and graduate students who are learning to teach at the post-secondary level. Topics covered include learning how to teach, supporting our students, grading, how to manage technology in the classroom and much more.
  • The Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) program positions experienced TA mentors in departments to support TA’s with discipline specific teaching support.
  • Certificate Programs (non-credit) focused on learning and teaching are offered for grad students, TAs, and International Teaching Assistants.
  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) (credit) is a PhD Graduate Certificate that focuses on the knowledge and practical skills required to teach effectively in higher education.