Fall TA Conference

The Fall TA conference is spread over four days to ensure that anyone who wishes to attend a workshop has the ability to do so. Each day is important and organized to take you through the most essential steps necessary to fulfill your role as a TA. Friday of the conference is devoted specifically for International Teaching Assistants. The conference is a great opportunity to connect and share ideas or experiences with graduate students in other faculties, as well as for professional and personal development.

Teaching-stream faculty scholarship fund deadline

This fund provides financial support to teaching-stream faculty who seek to participate in a range of professional development activities related to the scholarship of teaching and learning including, but not limited to, attending academic conferences, engaging in research, and making scholarly presentations. Submission deadlines are March 31st and September 30th each year. Funding is for professional development activities occurring within six (6) months before or twelve (12) months after the application deadline.