About us

We enhance the teaching improvement efforts of UVic instructors using current research and teaching strategies in higher education. We also oversee the TA training program, the Teaching Assistant Consultant program, the Math & Stats Assistance Centre and the Centre for Academic Communication. Our goal is to offer consultations to all academic units and to provide an optimal learning experience for all UVic students. We report to the Vice President Academic and Provost (VPAC).

Contact our team if you have any further questions about our mission or our services.


Established in an effort to enhance teaching effectiveness at UVic, the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) first opened its doors in 1981, operating out of a small office in the Faculty of Law. Former dean of Law, Neil Gold, was appointed as the Centre’s first director by the office of the Vice-President Academic, working for a one-year term on a part-time basis. 3M Award winner, Connie Rooke, (English Department) and Antoinette O’Berg (Faculty of Education) followed consecutively as part-time directors. One of the first faculty members recruited to the University's School of Social Work, Dr. Andy Farquharson, began to work full-time at the position for the following 15 years.

After Farquharson’s retirement in 1999, Dr. Geraldine van Gyn (School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education) took over as director, co-authoring the Green Guide: Teaching for Critical Thinking (2006). She began building the Centre’s national reputation in Course Re-design.

Subsequently, Ms. Teresa Dawson served as Director for the next 10 years. She was instrumental in the implementation of the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards. She also brought the TA Consultant model to the university and worked collaboratively with other stakeholders to produce the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LATHE) graduate certificate program. Under her leadership, the student academic success portfolio was developed including the Centre for Academic Communication and the Math and Stats Assistance Centre. As a facilitator, Teresa conducted curricular retreats and co-developed the open source CourseMapper software to facilitate curricular design.

Presently, the LTSI is in the Harry Hickman Building. The current Executive Director, Dr. Shailoo Bedi,  is maintaining a focus on teaching excellence and student academic success with the University’s strategic initiatives.