Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards

Photo of JCURA recipient
Chantal Adams, School of Child and Youth Care, 2017 Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards scholar

The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) program was established in 2009-2010 by the Vice-President Academic and Provost.

The goal of this award is to encourage undergraduates to pursue innovative and original research to enhance their learning while at the University of Victoria and to provide a valuable preparatory experience towards graduate studies or a research related career. The Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) administers the award process on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

JCURA is directed at undergraduate students from all disciplines and who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • full-time third or fourth year undergraduate student (normally registered in 12 or more units of study in the winter session)
  • excellent academic standing (normally with a minimum sessional GPA of 7.0)
  • satisfy the general regulations of Student Awards and Financial Aid

This award experience allows students to be mentored by a faculty supervisor. Each academic unit is eligible for one to three student nominations per year, depending on the number of students in the unit.

Successful student applicants receive $1,500 credited directly to their UVic fee account.

2020-2021 Call for Nominations - Will be posted in February 2020

2020-2021 Eligibility for Indigenous Faculty and Students - Will be posted in February 2020

Academic unit eligibility

Frequently asked questions

Application/nomination forms:

Application/nomination form 2020-2021 - Word format - .rtf formatWill be posted in February 2020

Please note: We ask that units collect all eligible nominations together and submit them as individual digital files in one email to the .

The final deadline date for the LTSI to receive nominations from the faculty/department/school is June 30th.
Faculties/departments/schools are asked to submit all their unit's eligible number of nominations at the same time. Nominations will be processed and notifications will be made before mid-August.

Final survey

  • Final survey - Student 2020-21 - Deadline date: Friday, April 24, 2020 (Will be sent out by email on March 5, 2020)
  • Final survey - Supervisor 2020-21 - Deadline date: Friday, April 24, 2020 (Will be sent out by email on March 5, 2020)

General and financial questions

General questions concerning the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards should be directed to the .

Financial and related questions (for example regarding distribution of funds) after the award has been approved should be directed to the or 250-721-8107.

Printable list

JCURA 2018/19
StudentDepartmentProject title
Anderson, ColePacific and Asian StudiesCentral Asian views of China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Baillaut, NatalieCurriculum and InstructionThere is certainly life on Mars: A look at children’s textbooks from the 1920s
Braun, GrahamGreek and Roman StudiesDefiant Maidens: The Social Role of Medusa and Gorgons in Art and Literature
Buhne, EricPolitical ScienceRegional Identity in B.C. and Alberta: The Disparate Development of Identity in Western Canada
Burgoyne-King, JessicaPolitical ScienceStrategies of Co-Resistance: Indigenous and Black Mobilizing to Combat Racism and Colonialism in Canada
Byrne, LiamBiologyDevelopment of droplet digital PCR for detection of common N370S mutations
Callo, EstherEnglishTell Me a Story: Why Canadians Need Narratives by Indigenous Women
Carhoun, JacquelinePsychologyBody dysmorphic disorder and face perception
Cartwright, SallyFrenchOn and Off the Stage: Exploring Women’s Status in 18th Century Theatre
Castro, Melina Emilia CortinaSociologyImpermanent Workers, Permanent Labour: Policy Analysis of Temporary Foreign Workers Programs in BC
Cavallin, NatalieChemistryNew on-the-spot sensors for illicit drugs
Chudleigh, JocelynNursingHolistic Healing and the Acute Care Setting: Connecting Theory to Practice
Cicon, LeahPhysics and AstronomyGold nanoparticle mediated cancer radiotherapy
Conway, KateBiochemistry and MicrobiologyInvestigating the effects of bacterial-derived antimicrobial peptides on host immunity
Corrie, LorissaBiochemistry and MicrobiologyDioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate: Dispersant, laxative and endocrine disruptor
Costain, RaeAnthropologyIndigenous Tattooing in British Columbia: Resistance and Resurgence in the Visual Record
Crozier, ChadReligion, Culture and SocietySBNR: A Reclamation of the Lost Dimension of Religion
Dao, NathanChemistrySelective Access to a Functionalized Dicyclopentadiene Monomer
Daxini, SwapnilPhysics and AstronomyDesigning an External Cavity Diode Laser
Dierks, KatherineAnthropologyMore than just wool: Exploring the life and death of a Nuu-chah-nulth wool dog
Ebert, SarahMedical SciencesPannexin 1 in cortical neuron plasticity
Emery, JamieEconomicsThe Impact of Tobacco Smoking on Household Food Insecurity
Fitterer, JohnMedical SciencesInvestigating Postnatal Choline Supplementation as a Potential Avenue for FASD Treatment
Fortini, Benjamin BiologyA meta-analysis of marine light pollution on fish: Behavioural and physiological impacts
Franklin, JoshuaVisual ArtsHolon Inc.: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Holistic Process Based Art
Fraser, JessePriority Initiative - NursingTeaching and Learning for Change: Building Knowledge and Skills to Address the Social Determinants of Health
Getz, AlanMathematics and StatisticsApplications of the Continuous Model Theory of C*-Algebras to Cantor Dynamical Systems
Giannopoulou, KleioGreek and Roman StudiesChild-slaves in Classical Athens
Good, Ireland Germanic and Slavic StudiesAn Analysis of the Euthanasia Program Propagated by the National Socialist Regime
Gulka, SebastianBiologyConfocal laser scanning microscope imaging of the ex vivo, intact, unfixed mouse cornea
Haaf, JennaNursingDoes a Collaborative Learning Unit (CLU) impact development of a knowledge informed culture and implementation of evidence-based practice for nurses in priority patient settings?
Hackett, KristinBiologyMechanisms of proliferation in transformed immune and neuronal cells: The biological effects of iron deficiency and excess
Hammerstrom, MathewExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationPortable Measurement of Interbrain Neural Synchrony
Harder, KathrynLinguisticsExamining Sound Change in Hulq’umi’num’
Harnois, Pierre-JeanGeographyTransportation Geography in Victoria BC - Stakeholder views, current state of infrastructure, and planning for the near future
Hibbing, LydiaGermanic and Slavic StudiesBridging the German Gender Gap
Hoepner, JuliaMathematics and StatisticsEternal Roman Domination
Hof, SteveMathematics and StatisticsHidden Markov Models for Estimating Difficult to Measure Populations
Holmes-Smith, CarmenEarth and Ocean SciencesSeasonal climatology study of diurnal, semidiurnal, and terdiurnal components of atmospheric tide from reanalysis
Ingram, MeganArt History and Visual StudiesPolice, Prejudice, and Film: Contemporary Perspectives on Filmic Representations of Law Enforcement
Jacobsen, HannaInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - Social Justice StudiesTransgender Identity Narratives in Communities
Jesperson, TalyaInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - Technology and SocietyUsing Technology To Curate Our Understanding of Politics
Johnson, EmmaComputer ScienceUsing Virtual Reality to Create Profound Experiences for Behavior Change: Tsunami Preparedness
Kelly, AlidaSocial WorkDrama in Social Work Education
Kennedy, MiaBiochemistry and MicrobiologyInvestigating the role of the short-chain fatty acid isovalerate on intestinal immune responses
Kikuchi, KaiPacific and Asian StudiesTechnology and "Herbivore Men" in Japan
King, AlexandraGeographyForecasting Wildfire Severity: A Spatial Statistical Analysis
Kirkbride, StephenPhilosophyAristotle on First Principles: Divine Substance and Book Lambda
Kocay, BrandiEarth and Ocean SciencesGeochemistry of carbonates formed during low temperature alteration of the oceanic crust
Kwan, HeatherPsychologyComparative Behavioural Changes in Healthy Aging
Lacerte, SagePriority Initiative - Gender Studies#strongresilientindigenous: _An exploration of Indigenous feminisms, decolonization and resurgence
Lake, DanielEconomicsLiving Learning Communities and University Student Success: Do Themed Residence Floors Impact Future Incomes?
Lakshmanan, AditiNursingThe KhiTT framework: Knowledge translation and health information technology for transparency in policy-making
Landrey, JenniferHistoryJapanese Canadian Testimonies: An Oral History Inquiry
Larnder, AshleyChemistryEvaluating Drug Checking Technologies
Lauder, CarolineSociologyExploring the Intersection between Sociology and Marketing
Lawrence, BronwynChild and Youth CareDecolonizing Praxis: Implications for Child and Youth Care
Lazar, KatherinePeter B. Gustavson School of BusinessEncouragement of Cork as a Sustainable Building Material
Lee, RobertElectrical and Computer EngineeringData Mining Algorithms Implementation for Human Detection Application
Li, SherryElectrical and Computer EngineeringApplication on high-Q silica microcavities: portable bio-monitor
Louw, MoiraPolitical ScienceIdentity Crisis: The Relevance of National Identity in the 21st Century
Luke, CedarLatin American StudiesIndigenous Governance and Community Resiliency in Cotacachi, Ecuador
Markwart, EmilyMusicFlorence B. Price: An Antidote to the Whitewashed Classical Music Canon
Marshall, LiamPhilosophyObjectivity and the Purpose of Philosophy in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations
Mason, HanaWritingRe-coming of Age: Themes, Motifs and Conventions in New Adult Fiction
McDonald, CallumFrenchZola’s Rougon-Macquart novels: A history of the Second French (Overseas) Empire?
McDowell, CatherinePublic Health and Social PolicyInforming Canada’s Blood Donor Deferral Policy for Sexual Minority Men
McMunagle, AlexaGender StudiesAn Exploration of Transracialism and Transableism — Legitimacy, Reactions and Implications
Miller, JohnPhilosophyTestimonial Alienation: A Marxist Examination of Testimonial Injustice
Moore, HannahArt History and Visual StudiesRevisiting the Anarchist Politics of Barnett Newman’s ‘Zip’ Paintings
Nielsen, JuliannaHistoryOrientalism, Borders, & (Im)Migration: the human dimensions of East/West border-making and -crossing
Oakley, AlexPhilosophyPartial Grounds and Partial Essences: Does Every Part have a Whole?
Ogden, ShannonMathematics and StatisticsTotal Roman Domination Edge-Critical Trees
Orsini, HenryGeographyDevelopment of a Fire Model in Southern Vancouver Island
Overeem, TaitEnvironmental StudiesChanging Hydrological Dynamics in the Mackenzie Delta : A Gwich’in and Inuvialuit Perspective
Parker, BenjaminMusicPost-War Art in Europe: Stravinsky, Sibelius, Vaughn Williams and Schoenberg in the wake of WW1
Parkin, HayleyChemistryIsolating Nickel Phosphenium Complexes for Catalytic Applications
Paterson, KeeganGeographyHospital Creek Estuary Restoration Project
Pinto, SonjaEnglishPutting Down the Pen: Education Beyond the Classroom in Victorian Fiction
Pobuda, AnikaGermanic and Slavic StudiesSocial and Political Instability and the Rise of Russian Absurdism in the Early 20th Century
Ponti, PalomaGender StudiesPerspectives on the Role of Counselling in Social Change and Activism
Rambold, NatalyaPolitical ScienceMasculinities in Motion: The Implications of Shifting Narratives of Nationalism on The Formation of Canadian Masculine Identities
Ronayne, EmmaAnthropologyMaternal mortality: Inevitable evolutionary obstetrical dilemma or preventable health outcome?
Ross, JamesPacific and Asian StudiesImpact of Media on Mental Health in Japan
Ruff, KaraPriority Initiative - BiologyProof of principle: targeting of GFP to Dictyostelium mitochondrial matrix
Santana, SebastianPsychologyMusic and Dementia: Exploring Protective Factors for Cognitive Function
Scharf, MakaylaEnglishGendered Monstrosity in Malory’s Le Morte d'Arthur
Schneider, LindseyHispanic and Italian Studies¿Y sí los facistas ganaran?/And if the Fascists Won? Spain and World War II Political Narratives
Senay, ZackPsychologyPredicting onset of disordered eating behaviours in first-year undergraduate students
Seyed-Ali, SinaEconomicsReassessing Plea Bargaining and Separating the Innocent
Shaman, WrenHistoryAn Exploration of the Ethics of Studying Indigenous Settler Relations at the Undergraduate Level
Short, MonicaGeographyHuman Predators and the Transfer of Zoonotic Diseases: Exploring how disease risk might affect which species are targeted for human consumption
Simpson, LucasEnglishLinked Data and Machine Reading in the Digital Humanities: Converting The Map of Early Modern London Dataset for Cross-Project Interoperability
Stagg, KatieChemistryMicrobrewidics: Creating stable hop oil emulsions using microfluidic technology
Steele, RobertEnglishChanging Times: Timepieces as Metonyms of Industrialization in Victorian Fiction
Stefanek, EvanMechanical Engineering3D Bioprinting of cell-laden hydrogel microfibres
Stewart-Dziama, RachelAnthropologyEthnographic Mapping and Indigenous Landscapes in the Gulf Islands
Studders, CarsonMechanical EngineeringEffect of Screw Configuration on Bone Graft Micromotion in BIO-RSA
Styner, TylerEnvironmental StudiesExploring (& Expanding) the Historical Ecology of Clam Populations in the Southern Gulf Islands
Swaich, AnmolPsychologyHow young adults with immigrant backgrounds navigate cultural differences in gender roles
Taillieu, DeanneExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationImpact of University Cafeteria Nudge Strategies on Student Vegetable Purchasing
Tervo, ChristianTheatreRepresenting War on the Canadian Stage
Thomas, WilliamEconomicsCarbon Pricing Effects on Canadian Manufacturing Sectors and Final Product Importation Rates
Thomson, MalcolmInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - European StudiesAfter the Crash-Out: Understanding the Implication of Brexit on EU Economic and Monetary Integration
Timmins, MarielleExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationImpact of Actue Stress on Human EEG
Toppings, JillianExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationImpact of Stress on the EEG Correlates of Human Decision-Making
Underdown, ChantalEnvironmental StudiesFrog and frog habitat census
Vanwieren, ConnorEarth and Ocean SciencesCharacterizing the Triassic/Jurassic boundary through stratigraphy of northern Vancouver Island carbonates
Wang, AnkeEconomicsIncorporating Subjective Well-Being (SWB) into the Human Development Index (HDI)
Washington, AnniePeter B. Gustavson School of BusinessThe Role of Family Businesses in the Czech Republic
Weinzierl, MiriamNursingMetal hypersensitivity screening among healthcare workers
Wensink, ChristinePeter B. Gustavson School of BusinessIncreasing Life Expectancy in Spain and the Disregarded Socioeconomic Costs
Wheeler, OliviaTheatreEVOKE: An Exploration of Theatrical Designs Emotional Stimulus
Wilkinson, ScottPhysics and AstronomyObserving the Frequency of Mergers in Post-Starburst Galaxies
Woodland, CandaceSociologyBisexual Identity Maintenance: Facing Biphobia and Bi-Erasure in Popular Media
Xu, KerenMusicThe flute solo repertoire ‘Reflections 1’ and reception of female composer Diane Berry
Yang, SoolinChild and Youth CareDecolonizing praxis: Implications for Child and Youth Care
Zaborniak, TristanElectrical and Computer EngineeringElectronic Transport in Molecular Networks
Zhao, YichunComputer ScienceDealing with Fake News: Automated Fact-checking AI Algorithms and Trust Database to Monitor, Summarize, and Cross-reference Information, and to Identify Claims
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