Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards

Photo of JCURA recipient
Sage Lacerte, Department of Gender Studies 2019 Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards scholar “#strongresilientindigenous: An exploration of Indigenous feminisms, decolonization and resurgence”

The Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA) program was established in 2009-2010 by the Vice-President Academic and Provost.

The goal of this award is to encourage undergraduates to pursue innovative and original research to enhance their learning while at the University of Victoria and to provide a valuable preparatory experience towards graduate studies or a research related career. The Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) administers the award process on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

JCURA is directed at undergraduate students from all disciplines and who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • full-time third or fourth year undergraduate student (normally registered in 12 or more units of study in the winter session)
  • excellent academic standing (normally with a minimum sessional GPA of 7.0)
  • satisfy the general regulations of Student Awards and Financial Aid

This award experience allows students to be mentored by a faculty supervisor. Each academic unit is eligible for one to three student nominations per year, depending on the number of students in the unit.

Successful student applicants receive $1,500 credited directly to their UVic fee account.

The final deadline date for the LTSI to receive nominations from the faculty/department/school is July 31st each year.
Faculties/departments/schools are asked to submit all their unit's eligible number of nominations at the same time. Nominations will be processed and notifications will be made by August 31st.

General and financial questions

General questions concerning the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards should be directed to the .

Financial and related questions (for example regarding distribution of funds) after the award has been approved should be directed to the or 250-721-8107.

Printable list

JCURA 2020/21
StudentDepartmentProject title
Akyürek, MarenPublic Health and Social PolicyChallenges LGBTQ2SI+ folx face while undergoing fertility treatment when trying to conceive
Anderson, SophiaHistoryPalestinian Female Suicide Bombers in the Al-Aqsa Intifada and Israeli Perceptions of Femininity and Conflict
Armstrong, ThomasHealth Information ScienceLessons Learned from the South: What can British Columbia Learn from Cuba’s National eHealth Strategy
Bartsch, BrycePacific and Asian StudiesIdentity Formation within a Democratized Taiwan
Beckwith, JulietGender StudiesThe Future of Victoria’s Food Supply
Bouillon, CarleeWritingA Poetic Comparison Game: Where Nonfiction and Poetry Meet on the Page
Braithwaite, TamarahNursingFile of Uncertainties
Brandfors, AnnaArt History and Visual StudiesBeheading the Buddha: Social and Artistic Trauma from Looting
Brewer, ShaylaGeographyCo-Management in the Capital Regional District: Archival Analysis of Raising the Sooke Lake Reservoir
Brown, MaryjanePhilosophyMises’ Logic of Wanting: An Examination of Purpose and Value in Human Action
Bueckert, MaxCivil EngineeringSurface Coating to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission
Chappelka, LinnetGermanic and Slavic StudiesRückenfigur and Romanticism: Caspar David Friedrich’s Portraits of Landscapes and German Identity
Comeau, NathanielComputer ScienceImproving scientific image resolution with AI
Crabbe, SophiaTheatreA Very YouTube Musical: Team Starkid and Accessible Theatre Made For The Internet Age
Crow, MeaghanVisual ArtsAn Exploration of Human Energy in Painting
Dalke, TrishaArt History and Visual StudiesThe Perception of Texture: How Artworks Stimulate the Haptic Experience of the Viewer
Dean, CarleighHispanic and Italian StudiesA Universal Model for the Integration of Refugees – The Venezuelan Experience
DeVries, MiekeWritingWriting the Body: Female and Queer Writers Using Experimental Creative Non-Fiction
Dingwall, JacobEarth and Ocean SciencesPhysical and anthropogenic drivers of underwater noise in the Amundsen Gulf, NWT
Dissanayake, DushanthiBiochemistry and MicrobiologyRole of rare codons in the coding region of protein signal peptides
Dunn-Krahn, SophMedieval StudiesGender Transgressive Figures in Medieval and Early Modern Texts
Elgammal, HalaCurriculum and InstructionThe Power of Stories: Using Narratives to Teach the Social Studies Curriculum
Ethier, JustineLatin American StudiesIndigenous Education as Decolonization
Farr, ChloëLinguisticsAssessing Virtual Reality Environments’ Influence on Language Learners’ Acquisition of Unfamiliar Sounds
Frederiksen, LindseyChemistryThe birth of a nanoparticle
Freeman, ColeSociologyModernity’s slow decline: Sociological Implications of New Social Movements
Funk, NatashaBiochemistry and MicrobiologyThe Interaction between the MAF1b Protein from Toxoplasma gondii and its Host during Infection
Gage, JoshPhysics and Astronomy Optical and Thermal Design and Development of a Nanosatellite Photometric Reference Calibrator
Gagliano, GiuliaPolitical ScienceThe Imagined Community versus the Immigrant Other: The Intersection of the Discourses of Gender and Race in the Political Mobilization of the Nationalist Right Wing in Italy
Gillespie, MaiyaInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - Social Justice StudiesThe Accessibility of Harm Reduction Services for Street Entrenched Youth in Victoria BC
Gogoulis, AthanChemistrySynthesis and Binding Studies of Diborate Clathrochelates Suitable for the Delivery of Medically Important Ions
Greentree, WesleyBiologyInvestigation of Salish Sea biogeography from adult Chinook salmon diets
Hansen, IngridAnthropologyThe Politicization and Appropriation of Symbols by White Supremacists and the Alt-Right
Hansen, RebeccaBiologyQuantifying the extent of mass coral mortality on Kiritimati Island following a marine heatwave
Heeg, MaryPolitical ScienceExamining Google's G Suite for Education as a Surveillance Practice
Hobson, BronwynMathematics and StatisticsTarget Reproduction Numbers from Population Projection Matrices Applied to Marine Ecology
Jones, LilyInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - Global Development StudiesThe interaction of stigma with legal frameworks in shaping the freedom of sex-workers
Joyall, ZoëVisual ArtsMoving closer, moving apart: a video project on the emotional journey of processing loss and love
Kaur, AseesMechanical EngineeringAnalyzing Biomechanical Effects on RSA Implants Through a Computational Modelling Process
Klausen, MikkelMedieval StudiesBerserkr as Defined Through the Prose Edda
Kovacs, ZoltanHistoryUnderstanding and Positioning the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in History and Memory
Krause, BrennaGeographyAccess Without Fear Policies in Canada: Development and Responses
Lang, KristynEnvironmental StudiesAssessing Spatial Change of the Kaskawulsh Glacier Using Historical and Repeat Oblique Photographs
Larnder, AaronCurriculum and Instruction21st Century Teaching Through Live Streaming the Classroom
Laycraft, FosterFrenchLittle Red Riding Hood: The Effects of Time on a Story and its Message
Lennam, NatashaNursingOncology nurses’ perspectives on specialist nursing practice with geriatric cancer patients
Loeppky, JonEconomicsExploring the Assimilation Effects of Out-of-Home Placements on Indigenous Youth in Canada
MacNab, BrookePacific and Asian StudiesDepictions of the Chinese ‘Other’ during COVID-19: Impact on the Asian diaspora in North America
Marchessault, EliseMathematics and StatisticsMinimum Cost Independent Broadcast on Graphs
McDonald-Rogers, MaryClairChild and Youth CareImpacts of conflict migration on young peoples’ wellness
McEachnie, TaylorPsychologyEarly Parental Autonomy Support: Relationship to Diabetes Distress in Type 1 Diabetic Young Adults
McIntosh, DeclanElectrical and Computer EngineeringClassification of Chest X-Ray images using compressed images and wavelet analysis
Menacho, CharleneSocial WorkFinding Our Way Back
Metge, MirandaChild and Youth CareExperiences of Forced Migration among Youth in Southeast Asia
Mittal, PaarthPolitical ScienceExtraction, Indigenous Dispossession and State Power: Lessons from Standing Rock and Wet'Suwet'En Resistance
Moloney, ErinChemistrySimulation of Bacteria on Surfaces
Montgomery, LukeGreek and Roman StudiesThe European Wolf: Representation of Wolves in Roman and Norse Mythology
Mullin, KelbyPsychologyRecovery from Internalized Disability Stigma
Mushumanski, ElizabethEnglishMarianne Moore’s Queer Legacy
Nicholas, NicoleNursingNurse Navigation to Address Health Equity: Teaching Undergraduate Nursing Students How to Take Action on the Social Determinants of Health
Oosterhuis, JamieVisual ArtsUnderstanding the Self through Relation Between Body and Space
Ormond, AidanEconomicsMeasuring the Effect of Climate Change on Income Inequality
Parmar, Abha-MarieMusicDiversifying Trumpet Pedagogy Through Traditional Filipino and Indian Melodies
Poon, DorothySociologyKnowledge Mediation and the Immigrant Experience in Victoria, BC: vulnerability, information accessibility, and junctures for empowerment
Rea, KerriSocial WorkA framework for equity-oriented psychedelic-assisted therapies
Restan Perez, MilenaMechanical EngineeringBioprinting Neural Tissue Models to Study the Affects of SARS-CoV-2 on Brain Function
Rowe, JulietExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationImpact of stress and anxiety on contextual updating and feedback learning
Rudson, HannahCurriculum and InstructionAnalysis and Critical Review of the Use of Digital, Pedagogical Tools in High School Classrooms
Russell, AlyssaEconomicsEstimating Optimal Carbon Tax Under a Variety of Possible Emission Pathways
Rutherford, IsabelleAnthropologyShape variation in the metaphyseal regions of long bones during growth in humans
Ryall-Ota, SoniaGeographyImplementing gender-based impact assessments in BC
Scholfield, BethanyFrenchThe Evolution of the Fairy Tale: The Virtue and Pedagogy of Cinderella/ L’Évolution du conte de fée : la vertu et la pédagogie de Cendrillon
Seshadri, SamuelEconomicsA Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of IVF Treatment in Canada
Sheikhi, RonakExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationEvaluating the effectiveness of a family-based childhood obesity management program on physical activity levels delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic
Shostak, KateEducational Psychology and Leadership StudiesThe role of self-regulatory competencies in mediating the impact of Covid 19 distress on academic success
Shu, ShengjieComputer ScienceDevelopment of a Multipath QUIC Simulator: Analyzing the Performance and Comparing with Current Network Protocols
Smith, VedaExercise Science, Physical and Health EducationDoes the Community Balance and Mobility Scale improve retrospective classification of falls in community dwelling older adults
Soetaert, GraysonEarth and Ocean SciencesExamining the Relative Influence of ENSO Events and Tides on Deep-Water Renewal in Saanich Inlet
Stevenson-Kaplan, AllegraEnglishSingle Mothers in Victorian Fiction
Swanson, AshleighNursingMonitoring the implementation of BC's first NP-Led clinic
Teel, ElanorEnvironmental StudiesEcological Restoration and Sacredness
Thibodeau, MatthewCivil EngineeringBiofilm Removal, a Green Solu:on: Alterna:ve Chemicals for Trea:ng Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Tobin, FinnInterdisciplinary Academic Programs - Technology and SocietyPedagogical Pivot: Education and the Pandemic
Vatcher, NicoleEnglishPoetry as Ritual in H.D.'s Trilogy
Vishwanath, VivekPhysics and Astronomy Library of Shadows Cast by Two Inclined Inner Rings of a Protoplanetary Disk
Wagner, EvangelineHealth Information ScienceRobotic Technology’s’ Use in Supporting Those Living with Dementia and their Caregivers
Wang, YipingComputer ScienceEnvironment Generalization in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Navigation
Ward, AliciaGermanic and Slavic StudiesFolklore and Ukrainian Canadian Identity
Williston, IsobellePhilosophyThe Moral Status of Loyalty: Limits and Contingencies
Wiltse, JodieBiologyInsect resistance to parasitic wasps
Wu, XuchenMathematics and StatisticsOptimal Design of Network Architecture of Coupled Oscillators
Yang, YangSociologyA Comparative Analysis of Discriminatory Gender Attitudes and Violence against Women across Countries
Young, ClaireGender StudiesHow do societal constructions of sexual shame and dismissal impact female sexual pleasure, and how does it relate to cultures of sexualized violence?
Zhaksybek, AliyaLinguisticsAnalysis of Turkish Impersonal Passives Using Voice and Distributed Morphology
Zhou, SandraPsychologyDo Friendships Help or Hurt? The Dyadic Effects of Friendship Network Quality on Romantic Relationship Maintenance and Satisfaction
Zieniewicz, NataliaMedical SciencesBrain Biomarkers in Rats Following Awake-Closed-Head-Injury that are Housed with Running Wheel Post-Injury
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