Course Experience Survey (CES)

The Course Experience Survey (CES) is an online tool that allows the University of Victoria to hear about the student learning experience. By compiling the information submitted in the CES, the university is able to gather feedback and comments on courses and instructors to help improve the student experience. If you would like to learn more about the CES from a student's perspective, please visit the student CES resources page. If you are looking for historical Faculty/University CES roll-up reports or historical CES documentation please visit the CES Reports by Faculty and Overall University Connect site and log in with your UVic Netlink ID and password.

The following are some simple answers to commonly asked questions regarding the CES. Feel free to look through the CES FAQ if you would like more detailed information.

  • Include the CES syllabus statement in your syllabus, explain the importance of the CES at the beginning of the semester and before the CES opens at the end of the course (usually the last two weeks for a full term course). For the best results, treat the online CES as you would the paper version and give students time IN CLASS to complete the survey.
  • In unusual circumstances exceptions may be made to when or if the CES may be completed by students. Please review the CES Change Request Form to see appropriate exceptions. It is not appropriate to request CES exceptions to improve response rates.
  • To maintain student anonymity there must be at least five students per CRN to receive a CES. This includes cross-listed courses (each CRN must have at least five students).
  • Instructors and students can access their CES dashboard with their Netlink ID and password at
  • Your CES reports will not be released until grades have been submitted and finalized by your department. Once grades have been finalized, it can take up to 3 days for the data to be picked up by the system.
  • Chairs and deans reports for regular faculty do NOT include qualitative data but the reports for sessional instructors do.
  • Due to changes in the Collective Agreement means and median scores will no longer be part of the CES reports.
  • If you are not listed as an instructor of record during the current term you cannot access your CES dashboard. Please contact from your assigned UVic email to request reports during this time.