Working with TAs

Wondering where to start with teaching assistants (TAs)?

Each department requires TAs to perform a variety of duties. However, every TA has differing levels of skill and experience. These resources will help you to create opportunities that benefit everyone involved - yourself, the TA and your students:

  • The Instructor’s Guide to Working with TAs will guide you through the process of working with TAs. It will not only help graduate students become reflective, independent and collaborative teachers, but will also assist you to mentor and to prepare future colleagues. Learn how best to work with the TAs you will be interacting with over the coming years.
  • The TA Consultant Program places TA mentors (known as “TA Consultants” or “TACs”) in several departments throughout campus. The TACs develop discipline-specific seminars designed for TAs in their home and/or related departments. These seminars cover a range of issues most pertinent to TAs and are complemented by supporting materials. Please contact the TAC in your department for  information about planned professional development activities for your TAs.
  • Contact the , 250-472-4798 to set up a consultation about support and professional development opportunities for yourself and/or TAs.