Kikuchi, Kai

Project title: Technology and "Herbivore Men" in Japan

Department: Pacific and Asian Studies

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Timothy Iles

"This project analyzes the influences and links between technological innovation and changes in historical situations around gender roles in contemporary Japan. I will argue that the advancement of technology and available services (rent a family, robots) contribute to the rise of “herbivore men” which affects the declining birthrate in Japan.

I will start by introducing the roles of men and their expectations in the past as an example to differentiate what has changed.

  • Point 1: Technology (Robots, VR, etc.).
  • Point 2: Available services (Rent a family, brothels, etc.).
  • Point 3: Men who are viewed as the “breadwinners” in Japan are less inclined to work full hours which leads them to believe they are unfit to support a family, contributing to the decision of not having children."