Franklin, Joshua

Project title: Holon Inc.: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of Holistic Process Based Art

Department: Visual Arts

Faculty supervisor: Prof. Richard Leong

"For this research project I propose to engage in a durational, multimedia, performance based, installation project where I will live within a self-built and site specific structure for seven days and while in it, complete a finite number of pre-dictated tasks. The main objective and or explorative aspect of this performance are to present an unadulterated experience of viewing what occurs from a projects genesis to its dynamic resolution. The project will showcase and exercise process based art making and through this lens, there will be an investigation and critique into the likes of art object making, holistic process based art practice, painting in the expanded field, product driven culture, the attention economy, body and action as art, the queering of spaces, social aesthetics, and site specificity. Ultimately, through the exhibition of my own body in action of building an environment, the viewer will be given the opportunity to watch and contemplate the work that must be undertaken to actualize the project."