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Here is who to contact when you have questions on different social media topics:

 Ali Baggott, Social Media Coordinator (

  • Sharing your faculty/department/unit stories, events and messages on UVic’s main social media channels
  • Scheduling Instagram Takeovers
  • Questions about scheduling posts on Hootsuite Enterprise (if you already have an account)

 Jes Scott, Senior Social Media Officer (

  • Questions about how your department can most best use of social media (strategy)
  • Social media advertising, campaigns and contests
  • Responding to critical comments on social media
  • Questions about joining UVic’s Hootsuite Enterprise licence

 Still not sure who you should be working with? Contact Jes.

Directory listing for Communications and Marketing

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Associate Vice President Lindsey Fair
General Office Enquiries 250-721-7636
Acting Executive Director Denise Helm 250-721-7656 SED 153
Assistant to the Assoc. Vice President & Acting Executive Director Lee Smith 250-853-3860 SED C149
Administrative Manager Aby Tannas 250-721-7107 SED C149
Associate Director, Public Affairs Kirsten Lauvaas
Communications Advisor to the President Christina Harris 250-721-7118 MWB A220d

Creative Development

Manager, Creative Development Jolene Lowey 250-853-3153 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Melanie Carter 250-721-6264 DTB B365
Marketing & Creative Officer Lauren Heppell 250-721-6579 SED C166
Graphic Designer Julena Lovegrove 250-721-6262 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Kathryn Mullis 250-472-5015 DTB B365


Manager, Internal Communications and Ring Editor Marc Christensen 250-721-6022 SED
Speakers Bureau Coordinator Mandy Crocker 250-721-8587 SED C148a

Internet Strategies

Manager, University Internet Strategies Robin Sutherland 250-721-6249 SED C140
Web Template Coordinator Sejr Andersen
Information Architect & User Experience Specialist Len Collins SED C138
Web Coordinator Ethan Perriccioli 250-721-7600 SED C142
Web Coordinator Lori Watson SED
Project Manager Asmin Chen SED C123
Web Content Strategist Cathie Walker 250-853-3804 SED C141
Web Content Strategist Shari Stewart SED C141
Internet Strategies Assistant Jamie Matibag
News Coordinator Caitlin Best

Media Relations & Research Communications

Manager, Media Relations & Research Communications Jennifer Kwan 250-721-7641 SED C156
Media Relations & Public Affairs Assistant Leyland Bradley SED
Communications Officer Suzanne Ahearne 250-721-6139 SED C160
Communications Officer Tara Sharpe 250-721-6248 SED C157

Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Melanie Groves 250-472-4357 SED C163
Stakeholder Communications Officer Michelle Oussoren 250-217-6473 SED 164C
Stakeholder Communications Officer Julie Sloan 250-853-3859 SED C164

Strategic Marketing

Manager, Strategic Marketing Nick Clewley 250-721-8843 DTB B345
Marketing Officer Tamara Clarke 250-507-7591 SED C159
Marketing and Digital Signage Coordinator Alicia Kaiser 250-721-6274 SED C161
Marketing Production Manager Christine Howard 250-721-6263 DTB B365
Photographer Louise Major
Senior Photographer Gregory Miller DTB B359
Grad Photographer Tony Olive
Reception & Administrative Support Carole Richter 250-721-8281 DTB B345

Digital Media Strategies

Manager, Digital Media Strategies Krista Boehnert 250-721-6246 SED
Video Production and Web Design Coordinator Beth Doman 250-721-6245 SED C145
Social Media Officer Mallory DeMille SED C144
Videogpher/Photographer Jess Clark

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