UVic Edge & social media

The UVic Edge brand

We want people to immediately recognize UVic everywhere we are. Consistent messaging and a unified look and feel support the story we want to tell about UVic, bringing our distinct advantages to life. 

The UVic Edge was developed from talking to over 10,000 people on and beyond campus.  It comes from the powerful fusion of three ingredients:

  1. Dynamic learning that creates a natural advantage for our students: research-inspired teaching integrated with hands-on experiences to accelerate personal growth and career success.
  2. Vital impact that drives our sense of purpose: as an internationally renowned teaching and research hub we tackle essential issues that matter—to people, places and the planet.
  3. Our extraordinary academic environment that inspires new ways of thinking and bold action: discovery, creativity and innovation come naturally here, in a vibrant Pacific Rim community rich with Indigenous and international perspectives.

You should use the Edge to meet your social media goals.

For example, you’ve decided to create a series of blog posts where students talk about why they chose UVic. Prompt students to write about their dynamic learning opportunities, such as field schools and co-ops.

Students have a variety of reasons they love UVic, so in addition to talking about their favourite field school, they may also write about their friends and being close to the beach. This mix of content makes for a great blog post: it represents a student’s authentic experience, it’s fun to read and it incorporates components of the Edge.

When you share this blog post on Facebook, again you can draw attention to the Edge-related elements. Instead of writing a post about how much Kevin loves hanging out at Cadboro Bay, focus on the month he spent in Peru learning about sustainable ecology.

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