Share your content on UVic's main accounts

Want to get the word out about UVic events, programs, classes, scholarships or other opportunities? We accept submissions from UVic community members for UVic's central social media accounts.

Why share your content to the central accounts:

 If you have content that is intended for a wide audience, we can help you reach a lot more people than you can on your own.

We have 200,000 followers on UVic's four main social media accounts. Each post we share typically reaches 2,000-10,000+ people

Here's how to do it:

  1. Prepare your social media post. Please read our very important content guidelines on finding photos, writing descriptions and providing links.
  2. Decide who you want to see your post. For example: current students, alumni, community members, etc.
  3. Email this information to  at least one week in advance.

Adhering to our content guidelines and inquiring at least one week in advance greatly improves your chances of your post being shared.

Then, UVic's social media team will:

  • Decide where to post your content (e.g. UVic's central Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn account).
  • Determine how many times your content is posted.
  • If appropriate, advise you on boosting your post.

Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot post every submission we receive.

If you are curious about how we make these decisions, you can check out our resources for regular contributors.

Want to contribute regularly?

If you would like us to share more than one or two posts per month, please contact our social media team at to discuss your ideas. 

We have developed partnerships with 40+ people on campus to streamline the process of sharing content using Hootsuite Enterprise.