Research and discovery at UVic

Roberts using an iPad with two kids

When it’s time for “the talk"

Need help talking to your kids about sex? There's an app for that.

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Karlen inside the new ARIEL facility

Turning on the high beam

A new UVic-led particle physics facility will attract scientists from around the world.

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Holly Tuokko with research participant in a car

Staying behind the wheel

Enhanced safety and quality of life are goals of a Canada-wide study on older drivers.

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The orchestra on site at Farnham Glacier

Sounds like art

Accompanied by a 70-person choir and orchestra, Paul Walde and a film crew trekked up the icefield in July 2013 to bring awareness to melting glaciers in general, and to the Jumbo and Farnham glaciers in particular.

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Jim Tanaka with a research subject

Autism research

Psychologist Jim Tanaka and his team at UVic's Centre for Autism Research Technology and Education are giving young people with autism a fun way to hone their social skills.

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Jay Cullen by the ocean

Tiny metal particles answer big environmental questions

As a chemical oceanographer, Jay Cullen studies the fate of trace elements, especially metals, in the environment and how they influence ecosystems, and critical ocean and climate processes.

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About UVic knowlEDGE

UVic knowlEDGE is a series of half-page research features published monthly in the Victoria Times Colonist, except in July and August. It is produced by University Communications + Marketing with financial support from the Vice-President Research.

Through this series we help inform the local community about the impressive range and quality of research activity at the University of Victoria, and the societal relevance and impact of this research. The series also emphasizes the critical linkage between research and teaching.

Since the inception of the UVic knowlEDGE series in 1999, more than 160 features have appeared in the Times Colonist, which has provided the space as a service to education in our community. The university gratefully acknowledges their support.

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